Whitbread (G.C.) in Brierley Hill Menu

Whitbread (G.C.) in Brierley Hill has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Popodum or Spicy Popodum from Balti Hut. Greggs Plc offers many options including Pain au Chocolat and Almond Croissant. Greggs Plc includes a wide range like Pain au Chocolat or Almond Croissant. Build Your Own - We like to give you more choice. Select your pizza base, pizza sauce and top it with your favourite toppings. It's that simple! - Deep Pan - Sizes (Inch) - 6, 9, 12, 16, 20 and Build Your Own - We like to give you more choice. Select your pizza base, pizza sauce and top it with your favourite toppings. It's that simple! - Thin and Crispy - Sizes (Inch) - 12, 16, 20 from . Big Johns offers Costa Coffee and Fresh and Filling - Choose from our range of freshly baked ciabattas, with all of your favourite fillings..

Nearby Sample Menus

  • RASMALLAI (Subject to availability) £3.75
  • LAMB BADAMI PASSANDA Mouth-wateringly tender pieces of lamb cooked in a mild creamy slightly sweet sauce topped with cashew nuts. A dish favoured in the times of the Raj. £7.65
  • TEA £1.95
  • All served with chips and salad. -
  • RICE & CHIPS £1.75
  • CHILLI NAN £2.00
  • IRISH COFFEE £3.50
  • Crispy Wonton -
  • Water Chestnuts Curd -
  • *Kong-Po Chicken -
  • Fruity Fairy Cake -
  • Roasted Turkey with BBQ Sauce -
  • Japanese Noodles -
  • Egg Custard Buns -
  • Pan-Fried Fish Fillet with Fresh Mango Sauce -
  • House Special (Chicken, Lamb and Prawn) - Pathia £6.30
  • Tarka Dhal £2.50
  • Parata £1.60
  • House Special (Chicken, Lamb and Prawn) - Kori £6.40
  • House Special (Chicken, Lamb and Prawn) - Curry £6.20
  • Prawn or Lamb - Bhoona £4.70
  • Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka - Pasanda £5.50
  • Butter Chicken (mild) £5.50
  • Mixed Leaf Salad (New) - Mixed leaf salad with a choice of dressing N/A
  • Mocha N/A
  • Junior Juices - Orange, Pineapple & Banana N/A
  • Junior Fish Finger Classic - Fish finger, mayonnaise & lettuce N/A
  • Flat mushroom N/A
  • Slaw (New) - Handmade coleslaw, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise & red onion N/A
  • Pinot Grigio del Veneto, Italy N/A
  • Brie & Carnberry - Brie, cranberry sauce, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato & red onion N/A
  • Crispy Coated Garlic Mushrooms £2.25
  • Spicy Paneer (Hot/Normal) - Fresh Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella , Red Onion, Mushrooms, Sweetcorn, Jalpenos, Mixed Peppers topped with Spicy Masala Paneer(garted Paneer with mild seasoning and Peas) Sml: £4.99, Med: £5.99, Lrg: £7.99, X Lrg: £9.99
  • Margherita Twist - Fresh Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese, Fresh Tomato and Red Onion. Sml: £2.99, Med: £3.49, Lrg: £5.99, X Lrg: £7.99
  • Potato Wedges (Small) with Dip £1.75
  • Dips Tomato,Chilli, Mint, BBQ Sauce £0.30
  • Milkshakes [Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana or Mango] £1.59
  • Onion Rings £1.90
  • Curly Fries Reg £1.49
  • Sundried Tomato & Pesto Tostati V, Vg
    • Sundried cherry tomatoes with dairy free mozzarella style cheese, vegan pesto and salad leaves on sundried tomato sourdough bread.
  • Berry Compote With Yoghurt & Granola V
    • Greek style yoghurt with mixed berry compote and granola
  • Smoked Salmon & Soft Cheese Sandwich
    • Scottish smoked salmon with a soft creamy cheese, with a touch of lemon juice and black pepper.
  • Italian Cotto Ham, Salami & Mortadella Deli Sandwich
    • Cotto ham, Italian salami & mortadella with Provolone cheese, tomato & spinach on our Italian pane Pugliese bread
  • Cranberry, Seeds & Oat Muffin V
    • A delicately spiced muffin, made with linseeds, chia seeds and cranberries, topped with pumpkin seeds and oat flakes.
  • Caramel Waffles V
    • Stroopwafel is a traditional Dutch wafer with a rich, smooth filling of syrup and natural Bourbon vanilla.
  • Sicilian Lemon Curd Filled Muffin V
    • A tangy lemon muffin filled with Sicilian lemon curd and dusted with icing sugar and lemon zest.
  • Chargrilled Vegetable & Supergreen Salad Vg, Gf
    • Chargrilled peppers and courgette with green salad, red pepper houmous, spinach and an orange & rosemary dressing.

Whitbread (G.C.)


The Merry Hill Centre, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY51QX ,




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The Merry Hill Centre, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY51QX ,

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