Westbourne Tandoori in Bournemouth Menu

  • House Wine £14.95
    • White/red/rose.
  • Cobra (600ml) £4.95
  • Lemonade (1.5ltr) £3.00
  • Diet Coke (1.5ltr) £3.00
  • Coke (1.5ltr) £3.00
  • Chips £2.50
  • Spiced Papadums £0.85
  • Papadums £0.80
  • Pickles £0.80
    • With Mango, mint, red sauce, chilli, onion or lime.
  • Pineapple Raita £2.65
    • Chopped pieces of pineapple mixed with spicy yogurt.
  • Mixed Raita £2.55
    • Chopped pieces of cucumber, tomatoes, onions and coriander mixed with yogurt.
  • Cheese £3.25
  • Garlic £3.25
  • Westbourne Tandoori Special Nan £3.55
    • Stuffed with mince meat, green chillies and spicy onions, garnished with coriander.
  • Keema £3.25
  • Peshwari £3.25
  • Plain Nan £2.95
  • Fried Rice £3.25
    • With mushrooms, onion, garlic, jeera coconut, keema, veg, egg or special.
  • Westbourne Tandoori Special Rice £3.75
    • Mushroom, green peas, spring onions and peppers.
  • Pilau Rice £2.95
  • Boiled Rice £2.50
 Vegetables Side Dishes
  • Dall Palak Dhingri £3.95
    • Lentils, fresh spinach, button mushroom cooked with whole jeera, curry leaves, herbs and spices.
  • Garlic Butter Mushroom £3.95
    • Fresh button mushroom sautéed with garlic clarified butter and hint of mixed powder.
  • Chhole Palak £3.95
    • Chick peas with fresh spinach cooked with garlic, butter, tomatoes and whole cumin’s.
  • Sag Ponir £4.55
    • Spinach and cheese.
  • Tarka Dal £3.95
    • Lentils, spiced and cooked with garlic.
  • Bombay Aloo £3.95
    • Spiced potatoes.
  • Cauliflower Bhaji £3.95
  • Bringal Bhaji £3.95
    • Aubergine, medium spiced.
  • Sag Bhaji £3.95
    • Spinach.
  • Sag Aloo £3.95
    • Spinach and potatoes.
  • Aloo Gobi £3.95
    • Potatoes and cauliflower, fried in butter and spices.
  • Mushroom Bhaji £3.95
  • Chefs Special £12.95
  • King Prawns £14.95
  • Chicken Tikka £11.45
  • Prawn £10.35
  • Lamb £10.25
  • Chicken £9.95
  • Vegetable £8.95
 Traditional Currys
  • Madras £6.95
    • A lightly spiced dish with fairly hot flavour. Very hot.
  • Rogon Josh £6.95
    • Cooked in tomatoes and onions, medium spiced. Medium.
  • Spinach (Sag) £6.95
    • Spinach prepared with garlic, tomato and onion. Producing a rich, medium-hot and fairly dry texture. Medium.
  • Cylon £6.95
    • With coconut, in a hot and sour sauce. Failry Hot.
  • Dansak £6.95
    • Cooked with lentils with a hot sweet and sour sauce. Fairly Hot.
  • Bhoona £6.95
    • With onions, tomatoes and garam massala, slightly dry and spicy, garnished with coriander. Medium.
  • Patia £6.95
    • Cooked in a sweet and sour sauce with special spices. Fairly hot.
  • Korma £6.95
    • All our kurma dishes are cooked with coconut in a mild sauce. Mild.
 House Specials
  • Karahi £7.95
    • Cooked in tomatoes, capsicums with selected spices. Served in a karahi. Medium.
  • Passanda £7.95
    • Succulent pieces cooked in red wine with fresh cream, cultured yoghurt and almond. Mild dish. Mild.
  • Balti £7.95
    • Kashmiri curry dish, individually prepared with fresh ingredients with a blended mix of authentic herbs and spices. Medium.
  • Naga £7.95
    • Marinated in herbs, yoghurt and delicately spiced. Cooked with capsicums, tomatoes, garnished with coriander and touch of Nag Vindaloo-hot dish very hot.
  • Jalfrezi £7.95
    • Tomatoes, onions, capsicums, green chillies and selected spices. Hot dish. Fairly hot.
  • Garlic £7.95
    • Tender chicken tikka or lamb tikka cooked with garlic, onions, tomatoes, capsicums and selected spices, served in butter. Medium.
  • Butter £7.95
    • The above barbecued then cooked in a mild, creamy sauce and flavoured with coconut, almonds and fresh cream. Mild.
  • Massala £7.95
    • Diced chicken, lamb or king prawns cooked in a mild, creamy sauce and flavoured with coconut, almonds and fresh cream. Mild.
 Signature Selections
  • Mozaadar Laziz £9.95
    • Succulent chicken/lamb cooked in a rich sauce with the unique aroma of Bengal Naga chillies and kaffir lime leaves. Very Hot.
  • Murgh Malabar Curry £9.95
    • Juicy chunks of chicken sautéed with curry leaves, ginger and mustard seeds. Coconut, tamarind juice and fresh chillies added to create a blend of sweet, sour and hot taste. Very Hot.
  • Instechi Curry £12.95
    • Goan fish curry. Halibut stack cook with goan spices and fresh coconut milk each of curry leaf. Medium.
  • Dalcha Lamb £10.95
    • Hyderabadi style. Marinated tender lamb grilled in tandoor. Cooked with channa fall, red onions, green chillies, bell peppers, curry leaves and a hint of ginger and fresh mint. Fairly Hot.
  • Deshi Murgh Ki Nawabi Botti £10.45
    • Marinated organic sliced pieces of chicken coated with cheddar cheese and chopped garlic. Skewered in tandoori oven. A dedicated tomato and cashew nut sauce. Served with coriander and jeera rice.
  • Masala-Dar Seared Rack of Lamb Chop £11.45
    • Welsh mountain rack of lamb marinated for 24 hrs with tandoori spices. Presented with seasonal vegetables using clarified garlic butter.
  • Shabnam Chingri £14.95
    • An authentic dish from Kerala with shelled fresh baby lobster prepared with saffron, Keralian spices and coconut milk. Tempered with mustered seeds, shredded ginger and curry leaves. Medium.
  • Tandoori Chicken Bhuna £9.95
    • Pulled tandoori chicken with onions, tomatoes and garam massala, with thick Bhuna sauce and spicy garnish with coriander. Medium.
  • Chinyaki £9.95
    • With chicken, lamb or prawn. Balanced with spices, sweet chill and teriyaki sauce, creating an Indian/Chinese dish.
  • Tandoori Plater Bhuna £9.95
    • A true classic. Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka and lamb tikka immersed in a thick mince lamb base. Medium.
  • Zal Zal £9.95
    • With chicken, lamb or prawn. A dish noted for its spices and flavour using kashmiri, massala, coriander and chillies. Hot. Very Hot.
  • Garlic Chilli Ruchi £9.95
    • With chicken, lamb or prawn. A dish with extensive garlic, sweet chilli and dill. A must for garlic lovers. Fairly Hot.
  • Laal Patenga £9.95
    • With chicken, lamb or prawn. Cooked with fresh crushed garlic and mango sauce balanced with crushed chillies to give a mouthwatering dish from Goa. Medium.
  • Paprikash £9.95
    • With chicken, lamb or prawn. A Bengali dish consists of jalapenos and ginger creating a fairly hot combination of flavours. Slightly hot. Fairly Hot.
  • Westbourne Tandoori Special £11.95
    • Cooked with a mix of chicken tikka, lamb tikka and king prawn with green pepper, whole garlic, ginger paste, chef secret recipe and spices. A superb fully flavoured dish you will love. Medium.
 Tandoori Dishes
  • Reshmi Tikka £8.95
    • Pieces of chicken tenderloin preserved with cajun, ginger, garlic paste, thick yogurt and cheese sauce. Served on a sizzler platter.
  • Tandoori Mixed Grill £14.45
    • Served sizzling hot! A mixture of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sheek kebab.
  • King Prawn Shashlik £14.95
  • Tikka Shashlik £9.25
    • Diced chicken, lamb or king prawns grilled with green pepper, tomatoes and onions.
  • Tikka £8.45
    • Off the bone. Diced chicken or lamb marinated in tandoori spice and grilled in the clay oven.
 Seafood Starters
  • Zafroni Jhinga £5.95
    • India ocean jumbo king prawns marinated with dill, garlic, cashew nuts, cream, cheese and greek yogurt. Cooked in tandoori. Served with green chutney, mangoes and pomegranates relish.
  • King Prawn Butterfly £5.25
    • King prawn with egg and bread crumbs, spiced and fried in butter.
  • Prawn on Puri £4.25
    • Delicately spiced, sweet and sour prawns served on puri.
 Vegetables Starters
  • Hariyali Tikka £3.95
    • Potatoes cakes with sago crust and filled with cheddar cheese and spinach deep-fried.
  • Vegetables Samosa £3.75
    • Triangle pastry stuffed with vegetables.
  • Onion Bhaji £3.75
    • Pungently spiced onions in a special batter.
  • Galotte Kebab £4.75
    • Classic lucknow kebab made in mince meat, garam masala, chopped onion, cheddar cheese, coriander, lentil. Deep fried until golden colour.
  • Lamb Chop £5.45
    • Welsh mountain rack of lamb marinated for 24 hrs with tandoori spices. Presented with salad and in house sauce.
  • Chicken Lollipop £4.45
    • Bombay style. Folded chicken wings marinated with ginger, garlic and schezwan sauce. Afterwards deep-fried with gram flour batter.
  • Malai Dar Deshi Murgh £4.25
    • Marinated supreme chicken coated with mozzarella cheese and garlic. Grilled in the tandoor.
  • Westbourne Tandoori Special Mixed Platter £9.95
    • A collection of rack of lamb tikka chicken tikka, malai dar chicken, lamb chop and onion bhaji specially selected by our chef.
  • Chicken Chat £3.95
    • Chicken cooked in chat massala and lemon juice.
  • Sheek Kebab £4.25
    • Minced lamb, blended with garam massala and herbs, then grilled in the tandoor.
  • Lamb Samosa £3.75
    • Triangle pastry stuffed with mince.
  • Lamb Tikka £4.25
    • Off the bone. Diced tender lamb, marinated in spices and yoghurt, cooked in out tandoor (clay oven) over charcoal.
  • Chicken Tikka £3.95
    • Diced chicken, marinated in spices and yoghurt, cooked in our tandoor (clay oven) over charcoal.
  • Kebab Puri £3.95
    • Minced lamb, marinated in spices and skewered in charcoal oven, served on puri (pancake style flaky bread).
  • Mixed Kebab £4.95
    • A mixture of chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sheek kebab.

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