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All Bar One Restaurant and Bar (sample menu)
ALL BAR ONE PAD THAI (v) With rice noodles, red peppers, sweet chilli sauce, pak choi, sugar snaps, broccoli, egg and chopped peanuts £8.00
HARISSA LAMB CUTLETS Chargrilled lamb cutlets marinated in harissa, served with Moroccan style couscous and a cooling mint yoghurt £13.00
Any 5 tapas dishes for £23.00
+ Chipotle chilli prawns £3.50
VEGGIE BREAKFAST (v) With vegetarian sausages, free range eggs, portobello mushrooms, plum tomatoes, baked beans and toast £6.50
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Popular Menu Items
Image Name Description Cuisines
Popular Menu Item Cod & Chips Cod & Chips What would the UK be without fish and chip shops! Everywhere in every town you will find this ubiquitous eatery. Cod and Chips is probably the most well known eat-in or takeaway dish, served with huge pickled onions, gherkins and mushy peas! Lashings of salt and vinegar are the usual accompaniment, although all other sauces are provided. The fish is always in batter, not in breadcrumbs and served with a mound of big fat chips, are all deep fried. Eat in or takeaway available at most restaurants. Fish & Chips, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Scampi and Chips Scampi and Chips If you don’t like batter, scampi and chips is a good option, as this is normally cooked in breadcrumbs, but still deep-fried. Scampi tails are generally used and vary in size but do taste nice and juicy. Accompanied by big fat chips, lemon, tartare sauce and a side salad, it is quite a filling meal. Fish & Chips, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Gambas Aioli Gambas Aioli One of the most popular dishes in seafood restaurants are garlic prawns, or garlic and chilli prawns. The prawns are sliced down the back and butterflied, cooked on a griddle or in a frying pan, after being marinated in olive oil, garlic, herbs or chilli. Served with a garlic mayo dip or sometimes a sweet chilli dip. Not normally served with anything else other than a side salad or salad garnish. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Oysters Oysters These are still popular in the UK, particularly in designated oyster bars, where you can get a deal on champagne and oysters through some of the chain restaurants. Also served at major sporting events where there are oyster bars (particularly horse racing). Served just as they are in the shell for you to throw back and swallow! Decorated with lemon and parsley on a bed ice. Sometimes served Rockerfeller style (baked with butter, spinach and seasoning, topped with breadcrumbs). Seafood
Popular Menu Item Lobster Lobster Very popular in the UK as long as your wallet can afford it! Tends to be expensive most of the year but people still love them. There are now restaurants selling lobster and lobster rolls at a far cheaper rate than previously known most of which are part of a chain. Usual way of serving is just simply grilled and covered in garlic and herb butter, but lobster salad with baby potatoes is also popular, and even lobster and chips has become a UK trend. Quite often only the tail is served and accompanied by prawns or scallops. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Moules Mariniere Moules Mariniere Very popular mussel dish, where the mussels are put in a huge pot containing white wine, shallots, garlic and herbs, and are simply steamed until they are cooked. Served in a big bowl with a delicious aroma emanating from the dish, the mussels are usually accompanied by crusty bread to mop up the juices, or sometimes garlic bread. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Steak Pie Steak Pie Pie shops generally tend to be takeaway venues, with a selection of pies ready for you to choose from heated cabinets above the counter. Fish and chip shops will also serve a variety of pies. Often served with chips to takeaway and a selection of sauces such as tomato, brown or barbecue, and even mustard. The steak is casseroled before being put into a puff pastry to form the pie and can come in varieties such as steak and ale, peppered steak, steak and mushroom. Pies, Fish & Chips
Popular Menu Item Plaice and Chips Plaice and Chips Another great favourite of the British nation, plaice is a much softer, flatter fish but with a lovely delicate flavour. Interestingly, plaice is always cooked to order, whereas other fish is seen sitting in the hot cabinets above the fryers, so if you are having a takeway, there will be a wait! Served with fat chips, lemon, peas and tartare sauce. Fish & Chips, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Saveloy Saveloy A bright reddish coloured sausage,similar to a large hot dog, but with a much spicier taste but quite soft interior. Very delicious and served with chips as normal. Some fish and chip shops offer a soft long roll with the meal. Sometimes the saveloy is dipped in batter and fried as well, and is called a ‘battered sausage’ on the menu. Fish & Chips, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Fishcakes Fishcakes Homemade fishcakes are part of the menu in most fish and chip shops, either cod or salmon in breadcrumbs. Mixed with potatoes and herbs such as chives or parsley, they are pretty tasty. Usually served with chips and a side portion of coleslaw. Ideal for children and quite often at a reduced price for young diners. Seafood, Fish & Chips
Popular Menu Item Fishcakes Fishcakes Homemade fishcakes are part of the menu in most fish and chip shops, either cod or salmon in breadcrumbs. Mixed with potatoes and herbs such as chives or parsley, they are pretty tasty. Usually served with chips and a side portion of coleslaw. Ideal for children and quite often at a reduced price for young diners. Seafood, Fish & Chips
Popular Menu Item Seared Scallops Seared Scallops Another very popular dish are scallops, which are seared for only a minute or so on either side, and then served on a bed of cauliflower puree or roasted cauliflower, and often with the very English black pudding and crispy bacon bits. They are also served with seaweed and a soy dip, following the oriental style. Usually a starter size portion, and can sometimes feature crisped pan fried chorizo instead of bacon. Seafood
Popular Menu Item Fizzy Drink Fizzy Drink Most of the drinks served in fish and chip shops are the usual carbonated ones like coke, lemonade etc. A cup of tea is also traditional with your fish and chip supper, as it’s fondly called. Fish & Chips
Popular Menu Item Champagne Champagne Champagne and lobster go hand in hand at most of the seafood bars in the UK, with more and more bars opening serving only seafood and champagne. Each restaurant will have their own house champagne, usually priced around £30 a bottle, but offering top class vintage champagnes as well such as Crystal and Louise Roderer. Seafood

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Table Service
163 Muirhead Avenue East, Liverpool, Merseyside, L111EQ ,
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
Seafood, Fish & Chips

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