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The Palace Pantry Sandwich Bar, Bakery
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Popular Menu Item Filled Baguettes Filled Baguettes Every bakery in the UK offers takeaway or sit down filled baguettes, some unusual combinations and some fairly standard, like cheese and pickle, ham salad, chicken salad. More and more bakeries however, are offering more ‘exotic’ filled rolls and baguettes, based on continental flavours such as salami and brie cheese, chicken with Provencale pesto, tuna nicoise with tuna, egg, anchovies, green beans and vinaigrette. Cafes, Bakery
Popular Menu Item Carrot Cake Carrot Cake Normally served in squares, a cinnamon and nutmeg spiced cake with walnuts, covered in frosting and decorated on the top, usually with a bright orange and green carrot figure . A very fruity tasting piece of cake, and very sweet, so you cant eat too much of it! Dessert, Bakery
Popular Menu Item Packet Snacks Packet Snacks Many varieties of crisps or potato chips of all flavours are sold, along with chipsticks, mini crackers, Twiglets, chocolate bars, cereal bars and other sweets. Muffins such as chocolate and blueberry in packets are also readily available, and even many small pies (pork pies or chicken pies) for another savoury snack for lunch. Vegetarian options on snacks have increased over the last five to 10 years, including vegetable crisps and vegetable chews. Sandwich Bar, Cafes
Popular Menu Item Fruit Fruit You will usually find a selection of standard fresh fruit available such as apples, bananas, oranges – but also there will frequently be a large bowl of fresh fruit salad with yoghurts. The fruit salad is put into a plastic or polystyrene container to take away, with a carton of yoghurt of your choice and a plastic spoon. Health Bar, Sandwich Bar, Salad
Popular Menu Item Mini Doughnuts Mini Doughnuts Served in big variety bags in bakeries, department stores and doughnut stalls, these bags are a mixture of tiny doughnuts, all differently coated with icing such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and then covered in sweet sprinkles of chocolate or other flavours, and sometimes some finely chopped caramelized nuts. Very moreish- office workers buy bags of these to take to their desk for the afternoon! Doughnuts, Bakery
Popular Menu Item French Baguettes French Baguettes Probably one of the biggest sellers in bakeries, French bread comes in many forms, each having their own names, although we call them collectively French bread! Baguettes are the most recognized, which tend to be long with a crusty outside, but a smaller version, known as a ‘baton’ is also very popular. ‘Ficelle’ is similar to French bread, but tends to be shorter and thinner but with a delightful texture. The French ‘sticks’ can also be served to you as a takeaway meal, with your choice of filling, and queues of office workers can be seen buying these at lunchtimes. Bakery
Popular Menu Item Cottage Loaf Cottage Loaf Probably one of the oldest loaves made in the UK, and not so easy to find (when bakeries have them, they are snapped up immediately). They resemble a ‘hair bun’ where hair has been scooped up on top of the head and formed into a bun. Created in England, bakeries find these time consuming to make, which is why only a few will be made daily and bought very quickly! Essentially they are two round loaves, one on top of the other but joined, with the top one being smaller than the bottom. Always crusty on the outside, they can be a little difficult to cut, but well worth the effort. Bakery
Popular Menu Item Carrot Cake Carrot Cake Very popular cake made in bakeries, consisting of grated carrots, flour, brown sugar and eggs, with a hint of nutmeg or cinnamon and sometimes dried fruits such as sultanas. They are usually iced on the top and a cut out icing of a carrot with leaves will tend to decorate these slices of cake. Very sweet, you can only eat a small one of these! Bakery
Popular Menu Item Hot Sausage Roll Hot Sausage Roll Usually a queue at the hot counter, everyone loves hot sausage rolls for a mid morning snack or part of your lunch. Soft melt in the mouth pastry with well-seasoned sausage meat is a British institution. There is always a good pie and sausage roll section in bakeries, also serving hot soups to takeaway or eat in. Bakery, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Doughnuts Doughnuts Always a big selection of filled doughnuts, some with jam and others with creamy custard filling or chocolate. These are the big ‘gooey’ kind, covered in sugar and with no hole in the middle! Can be round or long doughnuts, the long ones being split so you can see exactly what is in there. Doughnuts, Bakery
Popular Menu Item Wraps Wraps Probably one of the most popular choices for a quick lunch or snack are the selection of wraps normally available. Fresh ingredients always used, fillings consist of prawn, chicken, crab, lobster and totally vegetarian. Always with a crisp salad garnish, the wraps are usually available in white, rye or wholewheat. Health Bar, Sandwich Bar
Popular Menu Item Sandwiches Sandwiches Sandwich bars in the UK have really progressed over the years – no more soggy bread and boring fillings! Amazing selections of fillings are now available, including continental meats and cheeses, vegetable mixes. Traditional sandwich fillings such as cheese and pickle, ham salad etc no longer take priority, and discerning punters are going for more ‘exotic’ fillings with a continental theme – sandwich of the year was a ‘Chicken Provencale with Griddled vegetables in 2012. A variety of breads such as ciabatta, olive bread, walnut bread etc. now makes the old English sandwich no longer boring but enjoyable to eat. Sandwich Bar
Popular Menu Item Baguettes Baguettes Becoming more popular in the UK are the variety of baguettes available, not just the fillings but the bread itself – white, wholemeal, rustic, walnut, olive – you name it! Fillings have become more exotic too, using continental meats and cheeses, chicken mixes such as Coronation chicken (very English and flavoured with curry). But still the bacon and egg breakfast baguette or hot sausage baguette remains supreme in choice for that early morning ‘snack’. More and more sandwich bars are now owned by Far Eastern partnerships and feature baguettes with Oriental fillings for that extra something different. Sandwich Bar
Popular Menu Item Toasted Sandwiches Toasted Sandwiches Probably a big favourite in most sandwich bars and cooked either on a grill or in a Panini press, Italian style. Huge variety of fillings – you can pick your fillings and they will make it in front of you. Variety of bread and rolls used, but cheese is always popular as it melts and oozes! Croque Monsieur is very popular (gruyere cheese and ham French style) as this is also buttered on the outside before grilling or sometimes frying. Croque Madame includes a fried egg as well. Sandwich Bar
Popular Menu Item Hot Soup Hot Soup A variety of hot soups are normal sold, served from large barrel shaped tureens or soup kettles placed on the counter. Soups are usually simple such as tomato and basil, mushroom or vegetable. Normal served in polystyrene cups to take away. Sandwich Bar, Cafes
Popular Menu Item Chocolate Eclairs Chocolate Eclairs Lovely creamy and gooey éclairs made with choux pastry are prevalent in bakeries, and come in a variety of sizes to suit your appetite. The cream can be double or whipped, and is sometimes a yellowy colour crème patisserie which is more like a thick custard, but delicious. Topped with rich chocolate, they can come finger shaped, or as a choux bun, round in shape and filled with cream. The French lay claim to this as a patisserie, but it is known to have been made in the UK as long ago as l6th century. Bakery
Popular Menu Item Quiche Quiche Most bakeries make a selection of quiches, some as a single portion one for someone to take away for lunch, and others up to 4 or 6 portions. The traditional quiche Lorraine is always present, but other varieties, some quite unusual can be found, such as smoked salmon and cream cheese, cheese and onion, cheese and chives and even some meat and cheese ones, such as bacon and brie. It all depends on the quality of the bakery and its location. Savoury pies are generally available as well as fruit pies as well. Bakery
Popular Menu Item Hot Soup Hot Soup There will always be at least one hot soup of the day available in bakeries, to catch the lunchtime traffic. Popular soups include fresh tomato and basil, carrot and coriander, vegetable and chicken and sweetcorn. Served from the counter from large soup kettles, they will be ladled into poly containers to be taken away. Bakery
Popular Menu Item Old Fashioned Doughnuts Old Fashioned Doughnuts In the UK, the original doughnut is still popular. A round sugar covered doughnut with no hole, it is traditionally filled purely with strawberry or raspberry jam, but as time passed, more different filling have been used, such as custard, chocolate and lemon curd. Very sugary outer coating, found in bakeries, cake shops and even departments stores. Doughnuts are deep fried and then sugar coated, so the calorie count is pretty high! Dessert, Doughnuts, Bakery
Popular Menu Item Tea Tea A fresh cup of good old English tea never goes amiss. Drink in or takeaway, it still tastes good! Usually a selection of teas such as Breakfast Tea (usual English tea), Earl Grey, Lemon and other varieties such as Lapsong Suchong. Bigger bakeries will serve the tea with the pot, whereas smaller ones will serve you just a cup, or a takeway container. Cafes, Bakery
Popular Menu Item Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows A lovely warming drink, particularly for the children! Delicious hot chocolate served with whipped cream and pink and white marshmallows is often see in cake shops. A sprinkling of chocolate on the top normally completes the drink. Cafes, Bakery
Popular Menu Item Fizzy Drinks Fizzy Drinks Great selection of the popular fizzy canned drinks are sold, including Coke, Sprite, Orangeade, and also energy drinks have increased in popularity in the last few years. Natural and carbonated spring waters are also available in the cold cabinets as are plenty of fruit juices in plastic bottles and cartons with straws. Sandwich Bar
Popular Menu Item Coffee Coffee All sandwich bars normally have an elaborate coffee machine, serving cappuccino, mocha, latte, skinny latte, Americanos and macchiatos. Plain black or white coffee, as well as tea, are always available – if you are really lucky, you may find frappaccino as well! Sandwich Bar
Popular Menu Item Hot Chocolate Hot Chocolate Hot chocolate is popular in bakeries, either to drink in if they have a seating area, or to takeaway in poly cups. Rich, chocolately and hot, when you can make your way through the whipped cream on the top. For children (or the children in us adults!) they can be topped with mini marshmallows or chocolate buttons and sprinkles. Bakery

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Sandwich Bar, Bakery

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