The Brockmoor Cafe in Brierley Hill Menu

The Brockmoor Cafe in Brierley Hill has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Chocolate ring doughnut or 1 pc plus 3 Sizzler Wings or 2 Chicken Strips & small fries from Dixy Fried Chicken. The Foresters offers many options including Hot Chocolate and Flat White. Greggs Plc includes a wide range like 7 Pigs in Blankets or Southern Fried Chicken Goujons. Spinach, Garlic & Cream and Mix Salad from . Romantica Italian offers Pizza Hut and Robinsons Refresh’d Apple & Raspberry.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Stuffed Roast Belly Pork £12.95
  • Roasted Sirloin of British Beef £13.95
  • Chilli & Garlic Marinated Olives £2.95
  • West Country Mussels with Moules Marinieres £6.95/£12.95
  • Skinny Fries £3.00
  • Char grilled Youngs Sausages with Creamed Potatoes, Crispy Bacon & Bourguignon Sauce £10.95
  • Green Salad with Basil Oil £3.00
  • Prawn & Mussel Risotto with Pea Shoots & Parmesan £10.95
  • Fanta Bundle (330ml x 4) £7.65
    • Glass bottle (requires bottle opener)
  • Grand Chicken Çaesar Salad £8.95
    • Our Classic Çaesar salad, with chicken, white anchovies, croutons, Gran Milano cheese and free-range egg
  • Carrot Cake (GF) (Ve) (V) £6.25
    • A moist and flavoursome carrot cake, finished with a rich and creamy icing
  • American Hot £12.55
    • Pepperoni, mozzarella and tomato, with your choice of hot green, Roquito or jalapeño peppers.
  • Sprite No Sugar £2.80
    • 330ml. Glass bottle (requires bottle opener)
  • Lemon and Herb Chicken Wings (GF) £6.65
    • Six chicken wings, marinated in lemon and herbs, served with our light house dressing dip, and fresh parsley
  • Calzone Verdure (V) (Ve) £14.80
    • Roasted peppers, aubergine and courgette with spinach, smoky tomato harissa, hot chilli, tomato with garlic, topped with rosemary. Served with salad and balsamic dressing
  • Calzone 'Nduja £15.50
    • "Our hottest yet! Soft and spicy ’nduja sausage, pepperoni, Roquito peppers, red chilli, hot green peppers, tomato and mozzarella, topped with pancetta and Gran Milano cheese. Served with salad and our light house dressing".
  • Panini, Fries & Drink £4.95
  • BBQ Special Pizza £9.49
    • Chicken, green peppers, fried onions & special BBQ sauce.
  • Chicken Tikka Baguette £3.60
  • Chicken Tikka with Naan £4.80
  • Tuna Salad £3.20
  • Vegetarian Pizza £9.49
    • Mushrooms, sweetcorn, onions, olives & green peppers.
  • Coleslaw £1.00
  • Cheese & Beans Jacket Potato £3.20
  • Vegan Keema Mutter £7.99
    • Minced soya based lamb cooked together with garden peas, blended with herbs and spices.
  • Soya Chutney Fish (VG) £7.99
    • Soya fish cooked in a unique blend of coriander chutney.
  • Makhani Chicken £11.99
    • Classic Indian and British favorite dish with a bit of our Nepalese twist. Tender cubes of chicken cooked in a tandoor and finished in a rich tomato based creamy sauce. (no nuts).
  • Paneer Shashlik £5.50
    • A skewer of homemade cottage cheese capsicum, onion & tomatoes, cooked in a tandoor.
  • Chilli Cheese Naan £2.99
  • Tandoori Roti £2.99
  • Vegetable Kofta £7.99
    • Mix vegetable balls mildly spiced with creamy rich unique sauce.
  • Masala £11.99
    • Masala is the most popular dish on Asian restaurant menus this our own take on an old classic. Chicken cubes marinated in aromatic spices and herbs then cooked in a clay tandoori oven (no nuts).
  • Pinotage (South Africa) £20.95
    • A deep garnet colour with hints of dark fruits, chocolate and eucalyptus leading to a mix of fruit, chocolate and plums supported by soft tannins.
  • Tandoori Jhinga £12.95
    • Three whole tiger prawns immersed in a spicy marinade of red chillies, ginger and cardamom seeds, grilled delicately in the clay oven, served with Chef's special garnish mint sauce. Served with naan bread.
  • Aloo Bodi Tama £4.25
    • Potatoes, black eyed beans and bamboo shoots cooked with an aromatic Nepalese spice. A traditional Nepalese dish.
  • Gurkha 660ml (Nepalese) £5.25
  • Saag Paneer £4.50
    • Spinach and cottage cheese cooked in a creamy sauce.
  • Chutney Tray £1.95
  • Tetley £3.95
  • Tres Altas Tempranillo (Spain) £14.95
    • Bright cherry red colour, reminicent of red fruits, silky and sweet in the mouth.
  • Churrasco de Lomo (400g) £49.50
    • Spiral cut, marinated in garlic, parsley and olive oil.
  • Empanadas (2 Pieces) £10.00
    • £5.00 each. Beef, humita and mozzarella or sun-dried tomato.
  • Big Sausage Platter £20.00
    • Morcilla and chorizo selection, romesco sauce (to share)
  • Firecracker Chimichurri £3.00
  • Chimichurri £3.00
  • Buttered Lettuce £5.00
    • Served with pickled shallots, avocado and yoghurt dressing
  • Churrasco de Chorizo (300g) £29.00
    • Spiral cut, marinated in garlic, parsley and olive oil.
  • Ancho (300g) Ribeye >> Delicately marbled throughout for superb, full-bodied flavour.

The Brockmoor Cafe


85 High Street, Brockmoor, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY53JB ,




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Dine in ,  Takeaway ,  Cash

85 High Street, Brockmoor, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY53JB ,
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