The Box in Leeds Menu

  • Cookies & Cream Sundae Rich layers of both clotted cream and toffee ice creams, chunks of Oreo cookies, chocolate & toffee sauces all topped off with whipped cream £5.25
  • Waffles With ice cream, hundreds and thousands & butterscotch and chocolate sauce £5.25
  • Peanut Butter Brownie Served warm with ice cream and butterscotch & chocolate sauces £4.50
  • House Salad £2.50
  • tomato garlic Flat Bread £3.95
  • Cheesy Garlic Flat Bread £3.95
  • Garlic Flat Bread £3.50
  • Dough Balls With garlic butter £3.95
  • Onion Rings & BBQ sauce £3.60
  • Chunky Chips & garlic mayo £3.75
  • Sweet Potato Fries With sour cream £3.75
  • Curly Fries & salsa £3.20
  • House Fries & garlic mayo £3.10
 A Little Piece Of Mexico
  • Sizzling Chicken Fajitas Cajun spiced chicken with peppers and onions served with warmed tortilla wraps, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and salsa £9.50
  • Piri-Piri Chicken Quesadillas Piri-piri chicken, grilled peppers, mushrooms & red onions with crispy nachos, covered in Monterey jack cheese. All stuffed in a tortilla wrap, oven baked & served with £8.50
  • Spicy Mexican Vegetable Burrito Mexican spiced vegetable chilli, bound in a tomato sauce with fresh spinach & topped with Monterey Jack cheese. Served with rice. Why not add chicken for just 95p? £7.95
  • Spicy Beef Burrito Mexican style beef chilli with melted Monterey Jack cheese served in a warm tortilla, topped with sour cream and homemade avocado & tomato salsas. Served with rice £8.50
  • Nachos - BBQ Chicken Served with melted Monterey Jack cheese, jalapenos, sour cream & fresh homemade avocado & tomato salsas £7.95
  • Nachos - Pulled BBQ Pork Served with melted Monterey Jack cheese, jalapenos, sour cream & fresh homemade avocado & tomato salsas £8.25
  • Nachos - Classic Served with melted Monterey Jack cheese, jalapenos, sour cream & fresh homemade avocado & tomato salsas £7.25
  • Pele A massive 14” base with meatballs, Cajun chicken, spicy pepperoni, bacon, red onions & jalapeños all topped with Monterey Jack cheese. You choose the base, either BBQ or Pomodoro – a feast for o £9.95
  • Beckham A combination of four of our most popular meat toppings divided into quarters. Pulled pork, meatballs, chorizo, jerk chicken and red onion finished with BBQ sauce £8.25
  • Zidane Meatballs, pulled pork, chorizo, pepperoni, bacon, cajun chicken, red onions & Monterey Jack cheese on BBQ base £8.25
  • Cantona A folded pizza filled with pulled pork, bacon, chicken, pepperoni and red onion, oozing with garlic butter, mozzarella and Monterey Jack cheese N/A
  • Van Basten Melted brie, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, peppers & spinach leaves on a torn basil and garlic base £7.45
  • Bergkamp Mozzarella and pepperoni - a real classic! £7.25
  • Lineker Traditional cheese and tomato £6.75
  • Go XXL for £2.50 (excludes Pele & Cantona) -
  • The Full Monty Homemade beef burger topped with sausage, hash brown, friedmushrooms, crisp bacon and a fried egg served with HP sauce £9.25
  • The Italian Job Grilled halloumi, button mushrooms, mixed peppers and torn basil mayo £7.75
  • Southern Fried Chicken Burger Spicy crisp coated chicken fillets with hash brown, smoky BBQ sauce and mayo £7.95
  • The Ranch Choose either a homemade beef burger or grilled chicken burger topped with bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and smoky BBQ sauce £8.25
  • The Boxster Homemade beef burger, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, onion rings and mayo £8.75
  • The Lighthouse Burger Our classic burger with salsa & mayo. Add cheese for 75p. 25p from the sale of this dish goes towards supporting The Lighthouse School, Leeds. The Lighthouse is the first speci £6.75
  • They are served with baby gem lettuce, sliced beef tomato, red onion and fries. Upgrade to curly fries, our favourite chunky chips or sweet potato fries for £1. Add an extra burger for £2.50! -
 Hot Dogs & Hot Wings
  • Wings Of Fury Do you think you’re up for the challenge? Ask for more details £8.50
  • Lord Have Mercy Chicken wings glazed with our very spicy Lord Have Mercy hot sauce served with fries and slaw £9.25
  • Bingo Wings Succulent chicken wings smoked over hickory wood, finished with sweet & sticky BBQ sauce and served with fries and slaw £9.25
  • Smoky Dog 10 inch smoked pork sausage with blackened sweet onions, apple cider BBQ sauce & French’s mustard mayo £8.25
  • The King Dog The Box’s ‘ULTIMATE KING DOG’ two sausages smothered in BBQ sauce, Dijon mayo, crispy bacon, Monterey Jack cheese & onion rings. Choose from bratwurst or frankfurter sausages £9.95
  • Puppy Love Your choice of bratwurst or frankfurter sausage served simply in a bun with ketchup & French’s mustard mayo. Add cheese for 75p £6.75
  • Each hotdog is served in a bun with baby gem & blackened sweet onions and served with house fries. Upgrade to curly fries, our favourite chunky chips or sweet potato fries for £1 -
  • Steak Melt Locally reared sliced steak, melted Monterey Jack cheese, sautéed red onions, button mushrooms, Dijon mayo & mixed leaves £8.50
  • Jerk Chicken Spicy jerk chicken with crisp baby gem, sliced tomato, red onion, mixed leaves and smashed mango relish £7.95
  • Pulled Pork Sarnie Low & slow smoked pulled pork and crisp streaky bacon with smashed apple sauce & French’s mustard mayo £7.95
  • Southern Fried Chicken Spicy southern fried chicken fillets, bacon, melted monterey jack cheese, mixed leaves, red onion, BBQ sauce and mayo £7.95
  • Fish Finger Butty Battered cod fillets, homemade tartar sauce, sliced tomato, baby gem and ketchup £7.25
  • Sweet Chilli Chicken Crispy coated chicken fillets with grilled peppers, melted Monterey Jack cheese, jalapeños, mango chutney & sweet chilli mayo £7.75
  • Halloumi got Squashed Halloumi, spinach, roast squash, sun blush tomato mayo & roast peppers £6.95
  • Bacon & Cheese Toastie Crisp bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and red onion marmalade toasted to cheesy gooey yumminess £6.25
  • All our deli sandwiches are served in either hand sliced white bread, tortilla wrap or sub roll and served with house fries. Upgrade to curly fries, chunky chips or sweet potato fries for £1 -
 Fit & Healthy
  • King Kong Kirke Leeds Rhino Ian Kirke’s very own creation! Two homemade burgers topped with Monterey Jack cheese, mixed house salad, tzatziki and sweet potato wedges (LC) £10.50
  • Caveman Salad Chargilled sliced steak on a mixed leaf, cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion and roast pepper salad, drizzled lightly with balsamic dressing (LF) (GI) £9.50
  • Crossfit Leeds Burger Homemade burger topped with fried egg and Monterey Jack cheese, served with an avocado and bacon salad and sweet potato wedges. Inspired by head coach and owner Mike Rawlinson £9.50
  • El Ferino Fajita Salad Either Cajun spiced chicken or grilled halloumi (v) with peppers and onions served with a large house salad and homemade tomato & avocado salsas (LC)(GI) £8.95
  • Chicken Caesar Char-grilled chicken, baby gem lettuce & Caesar dressing with freshly shaved parmesan (LC) £7.75
  • Brokeback Mountain A marvellous mini mountain of chorizo, fried eggs, refried beans, patatas bravas, tortillas, homemade tomato & avocado salsas and sour cream £6.95
  • Philly Ham & Eggs A French Canadian classic, adopted by the good people of Philadelphia. Crispy patatas bravas topped with sautéed onions & mushrooms, pulled pork, a fried egg & melted Monterey Jack £6.95
  • Ultimate Breakfast Sarnie Sausage, bacon, tomatoes, cheese, hash browns & fried eggs in hand sliced white bread £6.25
  • Veggie Breakfast Linda McCartney sausages, eggs (either scrambled or fried), hash browns, beans, mushrooms and tomato with hand sliced toast £6.50
  • Box Breakfast - A hearty Yorkshire breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs (either scrambled or fried), mushrooms, baked beans & hash brown with hand sliced toast. The best way to start your day! £6.95

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