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The Albert in Tamworth has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as 7 Pigs in Blankets or Southern Fried Chicken Goujons from Greggs Plc. Chico's Peri Grill offers many options including Pineapple and Coconut Juice and Tango. Pizza Express includes a wide range like Prosecco or Rose Provence. Peroni (VE) (V) and Woo Woo Waffles (Cereals Containing Gluten) (V) (E) (S) (M) (SD) from . Revolution Bar Stafford offers Riverside Cafe and Black Beans & Rice.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Coke Zero £1.50
    • 330ml Can
  • Smoky Beet £6.00
    • Stacked with a sweet beetroot patty, smoky hickory BBQ sauce, fried onions, crunchy lettuce, gherkins and a dollop of vegan mayo, all packed into a soft glazed bun (V)
  • Sprite £1.50
    • 330ml Can
  • BBQ Chicken Wings £5.00
    • Chicken wings tossed in sticky BBQ sauce
  • Coke £1.80
    • 330ml Can
  • Appletizer £2.90
    • 275ml Bt
  • Arizona Peach Iced Tea £3.50
    • 500ml Bt
  • The Big Cheese £8.00
    • Stacked with a juicy beef patty, double Monterey Jack cheese, gooey mozzarella sticks, warm cheese sauce, gherkins, sliced tomatoes and a dollop of burger sauce, all packed into a soft glazed bun
  • Insalata Parma Bufala (gf) £13.29
    • Torn Bufala mozzarella with Parma ham, avocado, cannellini beans, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, cucumber and mixed leaves in a lemon dressing.
  • Bolognese Spiral (gf) £11.29
    • Spiralized carrot, golden beetroot and courgette with our slow-cooked beef ragu.
  • £2.89
  • Calamari £7.29
    • Tender salt & pepper squid in a light batter with lemon & garlic mayonnaise.
  • Budweiser £4.69
  • Bolognese £11.29
    • Spaghetti served with our own slow-cooked beef ragu.
  • Mozzarella Carozza £6.19
    • Lightly crumbed mozzarella parcels served with red & yellow tomotoes and smoked chilli dip
  • Chicken Wings Italiano - BBQ (gf) £6.99
    • Roasted chicken wings with BBQ sauce.
  • Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Kettle Chips V, Vg
    • Hand cooked crisps seasoned with sea salt & balsamic vinegar.
  • Fruit Mix Topper Vg
    • A mix of golden raisins, dried cranberries, raisins and dried blueberries. Ideal for stirring into your porridge.
  • Raspberry Yoghurt V, Gf
    • Creamy Greek style bio live yoghurt with the addition of raspberries.
  • Smoked Salmon & Soft Cheese Sandwich
    • Scottish smoked salmon with a soft creamy cheese, with a touch of lemon juice and black pepper.
  • White Chocolate & Raspberry Dolce
    • A raspberry & white chocolate torte base topped with a white chocolate ganache and finished with gold white chocolate curls and raspberry powder.
  • Belgian Chocolate Brownie V
    • A soft chocolate brownie made with Belgian dark chocolate.
  • Almond Biscotti V
    • A twice-baked crunchy Italian biscuit containing almonds.
  • British Chicken, Roasted Root Veg & Grain Salad
    • British chicken with roasted carrot, grain mix, beetroot houmous, broccoli, spinach, pomegranate kernels, mixed seeds and an orange & rosemary dressing.
  • Beans 50p
  • Traditionally cooked, with a choice of locally supplied meat and veg. A choice of starters and sweets is available at £2.00 each if you have room! -
  • Chips £1.10
  • Liver & Bacon Casserole Tasty liver & bacon casserole served with mashed potato, peas & carrots £5.95
  • Garlic Bread £1.00
  • Homemade Chilli Con Carne Spicy chilli served with rice or chips and garlic bread. £5.95
  • Homemade Cottage Pie Minced beef, onions and veg topped with fluffy mashed potato, served with mixed vegetables and onion gravy £5.75
  • Adults All 3 Courses £10.00
  • Garlic £2.00
  • Roti £1.00
  • Cheese and Chilli £2.50
  • Chips £1.50
  • Chicken Tikka Masala £7.50
    • Chicken pieces cooked in fresh cream, coconuts and various spices.
  • King Prawn £9.50
  • Lamb £8.00
  • Saag Aloo £5.00
    • Fresh spinach and potatoes cooked with a mixture of herbs and spices.
  • Tandoori Roti £1.75
    • Whole wheat bread cooked in tandoori.
  • Fish Fingers £3.95
  • Green Salad £1.95
  • Makhani £7.95
    • Boneless roasted pieces of chicken, lamb or king prawns cooked in a mild creamy sauce using tomato, almond & saffron. Includes pilau rice.
  • Karahi Paneer (V) £8.95
    • Paneer (indian curd) chopped & cooked in karahi with ghee using tomato puree, green peppers, tandoori masala & dried fenugreek leaves. Garnished with garam masala & coriander leaves.
  • Coconut Rice £2.25
  • Paneer Shashlik £3.25
  • Fried Rice £2.25

The Albert


32 Albert Road, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B797JS ,




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32 Albert Road, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B797JS ,
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