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 Olives and Bread
  • Sicilian Castelvetrano Olives - Green Castelvetrano olives, imported from Sicily. £3.50
  • Marinated Olives - Mixed marinated olives. £2.95
  • Focaccia - Warmed rosemary focaccia with a rich pomodoro dipping sauce. £3.95
  • Aglio - Finished with garlic oil and fresh rosemary. £4.95
  • Napoli - Anchovies, capers, black olives and tomatoes. £5.75
  • Pesto Pomodoro - Tomato and zesty pesto drizzle. £5.75
 Starters & Sharing
  • Bruschetta Pomodoro - Tomato, garlic and olive oil on grilled focaccia squares. £4.95
  • Antipasto - Salami napoli & Parma ham, roasted vegetables, bruschetta pomodoro, a selection of salads and our freshly made black olive tapenade. £6.95 / 12.75
  • Tricolore - Avocado, buffalo mozzarella and sliced vine tomatoes, with a drizzle of olive oil. £4.45
  • Gamberoni - King prawns shell-on, with garlic, white wine, red chilli butter and parsley. With focaccia for dipping. £6.95
 Soup of the day
  • Soup of the day - Ask your server for details. £4.95
  • Polpette - Beef & pork meatballs in a tomato sauce, topped with smoky paprika & tomato mascarpone and fresh thyme. Focaccia croutons on the side. £6.45
  • Mozzarella Di Bufala - Buffalo mozzarella, salsa verde, fresh red chilli and focaccia croutons on the side. £4.75
  • Funghi Al Forno - Mushrooms, walnut pesto, baby onions, charred baby tomatoes and a drizzle of lemon juice. Served on grilled focaccia. £5.25
  • Insalata Spinaci - Crispy pancetta, hard italian cheese, avocado, pine nuts and semi-dried Sicilian tomatoes served on spinach with mustard dressing. £3.95 / 9.95
  • Margherita - Melted mozzarella, with fresh basil. £7.95
  • Puttanesca - Black and green olives, anchovies, chilli flakes, capers and fresh basil. Served without mozzarella. £8.95
  • Caprino - Goat’s cheese, salsa verde, Pachino tomatoes and fresh basil. Served without mozzarella. £10.25
  • Campagna - Sliced mushrooms, walnut pesto, baby onions, fresh tarragon and chives. finished with lemon juice, served without pizza sauce. £9.25
  • Vesuvio - Spicy ‘Nduja pork sausage, salsiccia piccante, chilli oil, spicy roasted red peppers with fresh basil. £12.45
  • Fiorentina - Garlic, a soft egg and a hint of nutmeg. topped with fresh spinach and italian hard cheese. £10.95
  • Pollo Ghiotto - Spicy chicken, smoky paprika & tomato mascarpone, roasted aubergine and fresh parsley. £11.55
  • Cotto - Cotto ham and flat mushroom, black olives and fresh basil. £9.95
  • Carne Toscana - Beef & pork meatballs, salsiccia piccante and fresh parsley. £11.25
  • Prosciutto E Verde - Parma ham and asparagus, with salsa verde and fresh chives. £11.45
  • Asparagi - Cotto ham and asparagus, with mozzarella. £8.95
  • Pollo Sophia - Spicy shredded chicken pieces and roasted red pepper, with mozzarella. £9.25
 Secondi and Risotto
  • Pollo Milanese - Pan-fried chicken breast covered in lemony breadcrumbs on a bed of spaghetti, topped with tomato sauce and finished with fresh basil. £10.95
  • Pollo Funghi - Chargrilled chicken breast with a creamy porcini mushroom sauce, rosemary potatoes and rocket. £11.95
  • Meatball Focaccia - Pork and beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce, topped with rocket and melting buffalo mozzarella. Served on toasted focaccia with a side of rosemary potatoes and sage mayonnaise. £9.95
  • Grilled Chicken Salad - Grilled chicken, mixed leaves, Pachino tomatoes, black olives, broken focaccia croutons and shaved cheese. Dressed simply with olive oil. £10.95
  • Saltimbocca Maiale - Pork fillet, crispy Parma ham and sage, served on mash with green beans and a buttery sage sauce. £13.25
  • Rosemary Lamb Shank - A slow-cooked lamb shank on mashed potato with a rich tomato, garlic, wine and rosemary sauce. £14.95
  • Bistecca DI Manzo Rib-Eye 250g - 35-day aged rib-eye steak, fries and rocket salad. Served with your choice of Gorgonzola (NV) or peppercorn sauce. £17.95
  • Strada Sea Bass - Baked sea bass fillets, served with your choice of basil mash or salad. £13.95
  • Salmone Lenticchie - Salmon wrapped in crispy Parma ham on a bed of lentils with wilted spinach, green beans and a honey mustard dressing. £12.95
  • Risotto Frutti Di Mare - A rich seafood risotto of mussels, king prawns and squid, with tomatoes, chilli, parsley, white wine and garlic. £12.95
  • Risotto Verdure - Green beans, edamame, peas, spring onions, courgette, spinach and fresh mint topped with grilled asparagus. £10.25
  • Risotto Zucca - Butternut squash and pumpkin with salty pancetta bacon, spinach and pine nuts. £11.95
  • Risotto Pollo Pomodoro - Chicken pieces, charred baby tomatoes, flat mushroom, parsley, basil and a little cheese. £12.25
 Puccia Burgers
  • Chicken Puccia - Pan-seared chicken breast wrapped in crisp Parma ham, topped with melted scamorza cheese, rocket and pesto. £11.95
  • Beef Puccia - Beef burger with sliced vine tomato and rocket. Add taleggio cheese £1.00 £10.95
  • Penne Pomodoro - Penne pasta, tomato sauce, pesto, fresh basil and charred baby tomatoes. £7.95
  • Ravioli Ricotta Spinaci - Pasta parcels filled with ricotta cheese & spinach, in a tomato sauce with pesto. £9.75
  • Strozzapreti Luganega - Luganega sausage, salty pancetta bacon and wilted spinach, on hand-twisted strozzapreti pasta, with chilli butter and hard cheese. £11.25
  • Strozzapreti Pollo Piccante - Spicy chicken and charred baby tomatoes served on hand-twisted strozzapreti pasta, in a rich tomato sauce. £10.95
  • Penne arrabbiata - Penne pasta covered with a spicy tomato sauce and fresh red chilli. £8.45
  • Cavatappi Pollo Crema - Corkscrew pasta, chicken and sliced mushroom in a deliciously creamy tarragon sauce. finished with fresh parsley and salsa verde. £10.95
  • Linguine alla Pescatora - Linguine, saute´ed king prawns, squid and mussels in a tomato, white wine, chilli & garlic sauce. £12.75
  • Spaghetti Bolognese - Minced beef in a red wine, onion, tomato & herb ragu. Timeless! £9.25
 Sides and Extras
  • Fries £3.65
  • House Salad £3.65
  • Rocket & Cheese Salad £3.25
  • Tomato, Basil & Red Onion Salad £3.50
  • Mashed Potatoes £2.95
  • Rosemary Potatoes £3.25
  • Green Beans £2.95
  • Roasted Vegetables £3.25
 Dessert Menu
  • Cherry and Ricotta Cheesecake - Juicy cherries and creamy ricotta cheese on a biscuit base. Served with berry coulis. £4.95
  • Tiramisu - Classico! Espresso-soaked sponge layered with mascarpone cheese. £5.25
  • Chocolate Fondente - Warm chocolate fondente with a melting chocolate centre and vanilla ice cream. £5.50
  • Limoncello Trifle - Generous layers of limoncello soaked sponge, lemon curd, amaretti biscuits and fresh whipped cream, with blueberries and mint. £5.75
  • Pannacotta - Creamy vanilla pannacotta topped with raspberries and served with a berry coulis. £5.75
  • Affogato - Iced nougat semi-freddo ice cream with a shot of hot, fresh espresso to pour over the top. £4.95
  • Ubriaco’ Affogato - A tipsy version of our affogato, served with a shot of amaretto as well as espresso. £6.25
  • Gelato - Our range of ice creams and sorbets are made to a traditional artisan recipe from Marche in central Italy: £3.95
  • Gelato - Vanilla £3.95
  • Gelato - Pistachio from Sicily £3.95
  • Gelato - Hazelnut from Piemonte £3.95
  • Gelato - Dark Chocolate Chip £3.95
  • Gelato - Peach and Yoghurt £3.95
  • Gelato - Alphonso Mango Sorbet £3.95

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