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Scotland Pizza & Pasta

Scotland's most popular Pizza & Pasta restaurants, cafes and takeaway menus such as Scribbles Pizza House, Pittas, Pronto Pizzas, Pasta Plus or Pizza A La Carte are found below. You can choose from many menu its like start with margherita (cheese & tomato), choose your base & add your toppings, fruit juice, classics - veggie - fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, mixed peppers, red onions and mushrooms., hot drinks - hot chocolate, create your own - create your own pizza by adding up to 6 toppings to our original cheese & tomato pioneer pizza - square pan[individual, medium, large, giant, beast], thin base[medium, large, giant], chicken shish kebab - lrg, marinated green olives v, vg, gf, pip organic rainbow ice lolly v, vg, gf, create your own specialty pizza (7-inch), coke/diet coke/coke zero/fanta/sprite (500ml).

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