S and A Chowdhury in Battersea Menu

S and A Chowdhury in Battersea has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Appletizer (250ml) or Fanta Orange (330ml) from Sema Thai Restaurant. Tootoomoo offers many options including Coke and Diet Coke. Bill's Wimbledon includes a wide range like Kingsdown Natural Still Water 500ml or Kingsdown Natural Sparking Water 500ml. Water Sparkling Glass Bottle 330ml and Water Still Glass Bottle 330ml from . Curry Palace offers Nandos Chickenland and Scoop of Vanilla Gelado.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Fattoush (V) (VG) £5.75
    • Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mint, onion, radish, summac and toasted. Lebanese bread with lemon and olive oil dressing. Contains gluten from wheat, sesame.
  • Juice by Bottle 2L £15.00
  • Falafel (V)(VG) £5.00
    • Deep-fried bean and fine herb croquettes served with tahine sauce, parsley, tomato and pickles. Contains celery and sesame. Sesame, sulphite, cereals containing gluten.
  • Tabbouleh (V) (VG) £5.75
    • Parsley salad with tomato, fresh mint, onion, cracked wheat, lemon juice and olive oil dressing. Contains gluten from wheat.
  • Tomato and Onion Salad (V) (VG) £5.50
    • Fresh tomato with finely chopped parsley, onion and dried mint.
  • Falafel (V) (VG) (SE) (CE) £1.55
    • Deep-fried bean and fine herb croquettes served with tahine sauce. Sesame, sulphite, cereals containing gluten.
  • Moussaka (V) (VG) £5.75
    • Fried aubergines baked with tomato, onion, chickpeas and sweet peppers. Served with bread containing gluten.
  • Hommos Shawarma (SE) £7.50
    • Chickpea puree with sesame paste, lemon juice and an olive oil dressing, garlic, topped with sliced or diced marinated lamb. Sesame & cereals containing gluten.
  • Pollo Forza £13.55
    • Chicken with hot chilli, sweet, spicy Roquito peppers, roasted peppers, garlic oil, mozzarella and tomato, finished with Gran Milano
  • Garlic and Rosemary Flatbread with Houmous (V) (Ve) £5.70
  • Piccolo La Reine Set Menu (Pizza + Salad + Dough Balls + Brownie) £6.25
    • Designed for children: piccolo Dough Balls ‘PizzaExpress', served with Houmous; a piccolo salad; a piccolo pizza with ham, olives, and mushrooms; and, a gluten-free Chocolate Brownie
  • American Hot £13.00
    • Pepperoni, mozzarella and tomato, with your choice of hot green, Roquito or jalapeño peppers.
  • Leggera Peperonata (V) (Ve) (GF) (VG) Under 600 calories £12.95
    • Penne Pasta baked in a sauce of passata, rosemary, chilli flakes, garlic and roasted mixed peppers, finished with fresh parsley
  • Polenta Chips (V) £4.95
    • Italian polenta chips with rosemary, oven-baked and finished with Gran Milano cheese, served with a honey & mustard dressing dip.
  • Lemon and Herb Chicken Wings (GF) £7.25
    • Six chicken wings, marinated in lemon and herbs, served with our light house dressing dip, and fresh parsley
  • NEW Leggera Vegan Padana (Ve) (VG) £12.95
    • Under 600 calories. Vegan mozzarella alternative, tomato, caramelised onion, spinach, red onion and garlic oil
  • Cookies
    • Our cookies are soft and crumbly and are made with with milk, white and dark chocolate chunks, something for all chocolate lovers.
  • Glazed Ring Doughnut
    • A ring doughnut topped with fondant icing
  • Steak Bake
    • Packed with diced cuts of prime beef in a rich and tasty gravy, this golden puff pastry parcel has been a firm favourite for years.
  • Spikey Mikey
    • Caramel flavour star shaped biscuit with a coating made with Belgian milk chocolate and topped with sugar sprinkles.
  • Pink Jammie
    • Pretty in pink, this delicious ball doughnuts is filled with apple and raspberry jam and topped with pink decorative icing.
  • Tandoori Chicken Roll
    • Flavourful, smokey and savoury with just the right amount of heat, and of course, succulent chicken breast roasted to perfection. Tandoori Chicken is the perfect lunchtime snack, for the taste of India, right from the comfort of your own desk.
  • Cheese Roll
    • Our pillow-soft bread is filled with Mature Cheddar Cheese - that's all that's needed for a delicious lunch for you or your little one.
  • Chicken and Bacon Sandwich
    • Our Chicken and Bacon Sandwich is made up of seasoned sliced roast chicken breast in mayonnaise with strips of cooked smoke flavour sweet cure bacon on malted brown bread.
  • Tray of Gherkin £3.30
  • Large Lamb Shish (Kebab Set Meals) £11.50
    • Fries, can Pepsi.
  • 3 Pieces BBQ Chicken Fillet (Chicken Set Meal) £7.90
    • With fries, tray salad can of drink.
  • Regular Doner (Kebab Set Meals) £9.50
    • Fries, tray salad, can Pepsi.
  • Mediterranean Salad £3.70
  • Tray of Hummus £4.40
  • French Garlic Bread £2.20
  • Lamb & Sweetcorn Burrito £11.80
    • Mushroom, avocado, pepper.
  • House Salad £3.50
  • Beer Battered Haddock and Chips, Mushy Peas, Tartare Sauce £15.50
  • Confit Pork and Apple Spring Rolls, Apple and Hoisin Dip £8.00
  • The Bull Burger, Bacon and Bourbon Jam, Fries, Sweet Pickle Relish £15.50
  • 1/2kg Buffalo Chicken Wings, Blue Cheese Dip £13.00
  • Rib Eye Steak, Crispy Caper and Pickled Shallot Salad, Fries £25.00
  • Tomato & Onion Salad £3.50
  • Baked Cod Loin, Cherry Tomato and Shallot Compote, Polenta and Pumpkin Seed £18.00
  • Vegetable Burger £3.10
  • Lamb Donner £6.50
  • Fanta Bottle (1.5L) £3.50
  • Diet Coca Cola Bottle (1.5L) £3.50
  • Donner Meal £9.50
    • Lamb donner or chicken donner, portion of chips and any can of drink.
  • Lamb Kofte £6.20
  • Tango Orange £1.49
  • Hummus £3.50

S and A Chowdhury


172 Battersea Park Road, Battersea, London, SW114ND ,




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172 Battersea Park Road, Battersea, London, SW114ND ,
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