Raj Moni in Bromley Menu

  • Lemonade 1.5L £3.50
  • Diet Coke 1.5L £3.50
  • Coke 1.5L £3.50
 Rice and Breads
  • Pickle (Each) £0.60
  • Chutney (Each) £0.60
  • Tandoori Roti £2.25
    • Wheat flour bread baked in clay oven.
  • Papadum £0.75
    • Plain or spicy.
  • Raita £1.75
    • Plain or spicy.
  • Stuffed Paratha £2.95
    • Paratha stuffed with vegetables.
  • Mogli Paratha £3.50
    • Paratha stuffed with eggs.
  • Paratha £2.95
    • Indian bread fried in Ghee.
  • Chapati £1.75
    • Thin Indian bread.
  • Cheese Naan £2.75
    • Naan stuffed with cheese.
  • Peshwari Naan £2.75
    • Naan stuffed with nuts and raisins (sweet).
  • Stuffed Naan £2.75
    • Naan stuffed with vegetables.
  • Garlic Naan £3.75
  • Keema Naan £2.75
    • Naan stuffed with minced lamb.
  • Naan £2.25
    • A classical Indian bread.
  • Keema Rice £4.25
    • Mincemeat and rice.
  • Egg Fried Rice £3.50
  • Lemon Rice £3.50
    • Lemon flavoured rice.
  • Sabzi Pulao £3.50
    • A combination of fresh vegetables and basmati rice.
  • Special Fried Rice £4.50
  • Kashmiri Rice £4.55
    • Fruity pulao rice.
  • Mushroom Rice £3.95
    • Basmati rice cooked with mushrooms.
  • Shahi Pulao Rice £3.95
    • Basmati rice cooked with pure flavours of saffron then sprinkled with dried nuts.
  • Basmati Pulao Rice £2.25
    • Aromatic basmati rice.
  • Steamed Rice £2.10
    • Plain white rice.
 Vegetable Side Dishes
  • Dall Samba £3.95
    • Lentils with vegetables.
  • Tarkawala Dal £3.50
    • Lentils with vegetables.
  • Sag Malai £3.95
    • Spinach with cream.
  • Aloo - Baigan £3.95
    • Potato and aubergine.
  • Aloo - Gobi £3.50
    • Potato and cauliflower.
  • Mushroom Bhaji £4.25
  • Matar Paneer £4.95
    • Peas and cheese.
  • Cauliflower Bhaji £3.95
    • Cauliflower.
  • Brinjal Bhaji £3.95
    • Aubergine.
  • Bhindi Bhaji £3.95
    • Okra.
  • Chana Masala £3.95
    • Chickpeas.
  • Sag Aloo £3.50
    • Potato and spinach.
  • Bombay Aloo £3.50
    • The famous spud dish.
  • Vegetable Curry £3.50
    • Mixed vegetable curry.
 Biryani Delicacies
  • Vegetable Biryani £9.95
  • Lamb Tikka Biryani £12.95
  • Chicken Tikka Biryani £12.95
  • King Prawn Biryani £15.95
  • Prawn Biryani £12.95
  • Chicken Biryani £10.95
  • Lamb Biryani £12.95
  • Raj Moni Special Biryani £14.95
    • Chicken prawn and lamb.
 North Indian Tandoori Specialties
  • Tandoori Salmon Tikka £14.95
    • Salmon tikka, peppers, tomatoes and onions.
  • Raj Moni Tandoori Mixed Grill £13.95
    • Assortment of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab.
  • Shashlick £12.95
    • Chicken or lamb. Tomatoes, onion and peppers alternated with pieces of baby lamb.
  • Tandoori King Prawn £14.95
  • Lamb Tikka £11.95
  • Chicken Tikka £10.95
  • Tandoori Chicken £10.95
 Special Vegetables
  • Tomato Dhingri £6.50
    • Succulent tomatoes stuffed with a duxelle of dhingri mushrooms and cheese then served on a bed of creamy spinach sauce.
  • Vegetable Malai Kofta £6.50
    • Vegetable balls cooked in a mild creamy sauce.
  • Vegetable Badami £6.50
    • Mixed vegetables mixed with cashew nuts.
  • Bhindi Achari £6.50
    • Okra packed with a tangy melange of mango powder and fresh spices and cooked with caramelised shallots and garnished with pickled ginger.
  • Navratan Korma £6.50
    • A true delicacy of nine vegetables with a smooth rich Mughlai sauce, garnished with a tinge of saffron.
  • Subjee Miloni £6.50
    • An assortment of mixed vegetables cooked in a smooth tomato sauce and finished with cream.
 Traditional Main Courses
  • Sagwala £6.95
    • Medium hot cooked with spinach.
  • Balti £8.50
    • It is a home style presentation to suit your palate.
  • Bhuna £6.95
    • The meat is gently cooked with brown onions, tomatoes, together with mild spices, a touch of garlic ginger and a sprinkle of fresh coriander.
  • Khas Korma £7.95
    • Pieces of chicken or lamb braised in a yoghurt gravy enriched with mild coconut and redolent of cardamom, mace and yoghurt cream sauce.
  • Rogan Josh £6.95
    • The dish acquired its name from the red appearance, which in turn is derived from fresh tomatoes, paprika and ground red chillies.
  • Pathia £6.95
    • A Parsi specialty. This dish is prepared by gently cooking the meat or fish in a hot spicy sweet and sour sauce.
  • Dhansak £6.95
    • This is a method of cooking meat in a hot and spicy sauce with yellow lentils.
 Fish Selection
  • Salmon (Tikka Masala) £12.95
    • Chunks of pink Scottish salmon matured in rich spicy marinade of dill fennel, ginger honey and a trace of mustard oil; pan fried with a special masala sauce.
  • Trout (Raj Moni Masala) £10.95
    • Mildly spiced trout, slightly pickled and charcoal grilled with a special masala sauce.
  • Mahimoth King Prawn £15.95
    • King prawn cooked in a subtle blend of white wine, almonds, honey, sag and vegetables.
  • Tandoori King Prawn Masala £14.95
  • Rupchanda £12.95
    • This silver dollar shaped fish from the fresh waters of Bangladesh is lightly marinated with fresh herbs, spices and lightly grilled in a tandoor; served with a unique lime butter sauce (will contain one large bone).
  • Special Bengol Fish Masala £12.95
    • Sweet water fish Bengal cooked in thick spicy sauce and herbs.
 Gourmet Selection
  • Lamb Achari £7.95
    • Slightly pickled lamb cooked in a medium to fairly hot sauce with green coriander and herbs.
  • King Prawn Achari £13.95
    • Another Hyderabad delicacy of selected king prawns sauteed in a sauce of pickling spices.
  • Karahi £7.50
    • Chicken or lamb. These dishes are prepared in an iron wok and spiced with chopped tomato, capsicum and shredded ginger in a blend of mild spices.
  • Jalfrezi Chicken £7.50
    • It is a hot dish prepared with fresh ginger, garlic, green chillies, red and green peppers and fresh coriander, cooked in a light gravy.
  • Masala Chicken £9.50
    • Invented by a world famous but unknown British curry house chef in the early 70's as a way of exploiting this already popular chicken tikka, we present our own exclusive recipe of succulent tikka in smooth masala sauce.
  • South Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken £7.95
    • Barbecued pieces of chicken cooked in fresh garlic and chilli sauce with coriander and crisp red chilli.
 House Specialties
  • Sagoti £7.95
    • Chicken, lamb or prawn cooked with a special sauce of coconut, tamarind, herb and spices.
  • Hari Mirchi Lamb £7.95
    • Tender pieces of lamb cooked with fresh green chillies, coriander, tomatoes and onions that are fused with a selection of freshly ground spices.
  • Hari Mirchi Chicken £7.95
    • Tender pieces of chicken cooked with fresh chillies, coriander, tomatoes and onions that are fused with a selection of freshly ground spices.
  • Murghu Begum Bahar £8.50
    • Chicken cooked with minced lamb and egg - mild to medium hot.
  • Meat Adraki £7.95
    • Tender pieces of lamb cooked with olives, fresh green chillies, chopped onions and fresh root ginger in a rich sauce.
  • Chicken Adraki £7.95
    • Tender pieces of chicken cooked with olives, fresh green chillies, chopped onions and fresh root ginger in a rich sauce.
 Gourmet Choice
  • Manchurian Murghi £9.50
    • Chicken tikka in a special Manchurian sauce.
  • Lamb Pasanda £8.50
    • Thin sliced pieces of tender lamb, cooked in a very creamy sauce, ground aromatic herbs and spices.
  • Chicken Rijoti £7.95
    • A special recipe from Jaipur, a semi dry dish prepared from tender pieces of meat cooked with ground onions, green peppers, mushroom and fresh herbs and Indian spices.
  • Sea Bass £18.95
    • Fillets of sea bass marinated in spices and grilled, served over a melange of colourful peppers, red onions in ginger garlic, fresh lemon, shatkora bhuna sauce, chickpeas and potatoes.
  • Railway Lamb £14.95
    • Lamb and baby potatoes cooked with coconut, curry leaves and fresh herbs, served with spinach. An Anglo Indian specialty, developed when the British were laying railway tracks in India.
  • Chicken Peri Peri £7.50
    • Madras or vindaloo. A mouth watering dish cooked in a unique sauce with vodka, dried chillies and coriander in a hot sauce.
  • Chicken Nehari £7.50
    • Barbecued tender chicken cooked in a medium hot sauce with spring onions.
  • Nawabi Lamb £10.95
    • Rolls of lamb with special Kashmiri, pepper, spring onions and our special blend of spices.
  • Jaffron Chicken £8.95
    • Barbecued chicken cooked to a medium strength in a special garlic and lemon sauce.
 Traditional Starter
  • Soup £3.25
    • Lentils or mulligatawny.
  • Chicken Chat £3.50
    • Diced chicken cooked in our special chat masala.
  • Sheek Kebab £3.95
  • Prawn on Puree £4.50
    • Spiced prawns on thin fried floppy bread.
  • Meat Samosa £3.25
  • Prawn Cocktail £3.50
    • Succulent prawns in our own mayonnaise sauce.
  • Boti Tikka £4.25
    • Pieces of lamb spiced with a special Kashmiri red chillies producing a succulent kebab.
  • Chicken Tikka £3.75
  • Tandoori Chicken £3.75
 Vegetarian Starter
  • Vegetable Pakora £3.25
    • Crisp nuggets of onion, potatoes, spinach and spices delicately coated in batter; deep fried and accompanied with our special sauce.
  • Vegetable Samosa £3.25
    • Deep fried savoury pastry filled with vegetables and freshly cooked in a blend of spices accompanied with a sweet and sour chana mix.
  • Onion Bhaji £3.25
  • Aloo Chat £3.25
    • Diced potatoes cooked in our special chat masala.
  • Aloo Tikki £3.95
    • Dumplings of spicy mashed potatoes laced with tamarind and yoghurt sauce.
 Connoisseurs Starters
  • King Prawn on Puree £6.50
    • Spiced king prawns on thin fried floppy bread.
  • House Special Starter £5.95
    • Chicken tikka, onion bhaji and samosa.
  • Fish Pakoras £6.25
    • Small chunks of pink salmon, delicately spiced and dipped in our own batter and fried. A very light mouth watering appetizer.
  • Spiced Potatoes and Garlic Mushroom £5.50
    • Soft and fluffy spiced potato balls with sauteed mushrooms in garlic butter.
  • Chicken Lafafa £4.25
    • Chicken and spinach cutlets.
  • Paneer Tikka £4.95
    • Homemade cheese stuffed with meat and fennel, then deep fried in a lightly crispy batter.
  • Paneer Tikka Shashlik £5.50
    • Cubes of freshly made cheese, pepper, pineapple and tomatoes marinated with ginger, garlic, lemon juice and fresh ground spices, skewered and then grilled.
  • Chicken Taimuri £4.25
    • Deliciously spiced deep fried chicken.
  • Special Mixed Kebab £5.95
    • An assortment of chicken tikka, ponir tikka, lamb tikka, & Sheek kebab.
  • Nizami Sheek £4.50
    • The traditional Sheek of mince lamb bursting with fragrance and flavours of coriander, tomatoes, mint and spring onions, creating an extraordinary taster, the most exquisitely flavoured of all kebabs.
  • Prawn and Mango Puree £4.95
    • Small prawn laced with lightly spiced mango and served on a light crisp puree.
  • Salmon Ka Tikka £6.25
    • Chunks of pink Scottish salmon matured in a rich spicy marinade of dill, fennel, ginger, honey and a trace of mustard oil, pan fried.
  • Jhingha Til Tinka £6.50
    • Served with mango sauce, king prawns marinated with fresh aromatic spices dipped in a batter made from eggs, green chillies, ginger and cardamoms then cooked with bread crumbs and sesame seeds.

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