Peshawar Kebab House in Birmingham Menu

Peshawar Kebab House in Birmingham has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Capri Sun Juice (0.33L) or Dr Pepper (0.33L) from Chic. Sam's Chicken offers many options including 4 Legs Quarter and 2 Legs Quarter. Icestone Gelato includes a wide range like J2O or Sprite. Tarka Dal and Bombay Aloo from . Manzils offers Coopers Fish Bar and Orange Tango (1.5L).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Chicken Tinga Bowl £7.99
    • Tender chicken tinga bowl packed full of Mexican rice, turtle beans, spicy pulse mix, jalepeno peppers, spring onions and guacamole
  • Coke Zero £1.99
    • 330ml
  • Churros (Large) with Chocolate Dip £3.69
    • Churros (Large) with chocolate dip
  • Beef Barbacoa Burrito £7.49
    • We take it slow to get it juicy and tender…slow cooked Beef in BBQ sauce
  • Deep fried Brownie & Cheesecake Burrito £4.99
    • Deep fried brownie & cheesecake burrito
  • Diet Coke £1.99
    • 330ml
  • Breakfast Burrito £6.99
    • A Gringo in Mexico…Full English breakfast with hash browns, sausage, bacon, beans, eggs, cheese and brown sauce in your choice of tortilla or naked
  • Guacamole Pot £0.99
  • Pulao Rice (D) £2.50
    • Aromatic basmati rice cooked with brown onion and spices.
  • Papad (Each) £0.50
  • Seek Kebab £4.50
    • Lamb minced mix together with green chilli, ginger and garlic, cooked in charcoal tandoor.
  • Bayleaf Special Biryani £7.50
    • Aromatic preparation of basmati rice layered with spiced, garnished with mint, saffron, individually baked under a special flaky crust. Served with raita or sauce.
  • Chicken Pakora (D,G) £4.99
    • Light battered deep fried chicken breast serve with salad and mint sauce.
  • Fish Pakora £5.99
    • Homemade golden fried spice battered fish serve with salad and sauce.
  • Palak Paneer (D) £7.50
    • Cottage cheese simmered with spinach puree touch of cream with hint of garam masala.
  • Dry Masala Chips £2.75
  • Vegetarian Pizza (V) £9.49
    • Green peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn & onions.
  • Bargain Deal £22.99
    • Any 2 extra large pizzas from the menu, large donner kebab, 2 large chips & a bottle of drink.
  • Pies Without Chips £1.99
  • Mexican Pepperoni Pizza (Hot) £13.49
    • Pepperoni, onions & jalapenos.
  • Fish & Chips £3.79
  • Chicken Meal 1 £4.49
    • Chicken fillet burger, chips & can of drink.
  • Pepperoni Passion Pizza £9.99
    • Extra pepperoni, onions & mushrooms.
  • Seafood Deluxe Pizza £9.49
    • Prawns, tuna & anchovies.
  • Kahrarey Pyaz Sizzling shallots and onions served with green chillies and drizzled with lemon juice. £3.00
  • *Sweet Ginger Cheesecake Ginger boiled in sugar and blended in a luscious creamy cheese cake. Served with home made Malai Kulfi (traditional Indian ice cream) garnished with pistachio. A cheesecake wh £4.95
  • *Hot Gulab Jamun Moist, soft golden brown dumplings in a thick sweet rose water sauce. A dessert that will delight the child in you. £4.25
  • Shikari Champey Spring lamb chops charred in its natural flavours, delicately spiced and drizzled with mint yoghurt. £12.95
  • Bahterey Fresh young quails deeply marinated overnight with a host of traditional herbs and spices, such as sesame seeds, turmeric, saffron and garam masala. All cooked together over a slow medium hea £14.95
  • Murgh Keema Wala Tender chicken finely minced with coriander, onions, cherry tomatoes, cracked sea salt and black pepper. Seared to perfection with paprika and spicy herbs. £9.95
  • Pilli Pilli Bhogah A medley of assorted fresh vegetables lightly fried in a spiced crispy batter. £5.95
  • Chatpati Bhindi Fresh Kenyan okra. Lightly spiced and fried to crunchy perfection using mango powder. £3.25
  • Murgi Masala £9.95
    • Garden peas & minced meat in chicken tikka with a boiled egg.
  • Sirloin Steak £12.95
  • Phad Phrik Thai Orn £11.95
    • Stir-fried with peppercorn, chillies, onions, galangal & crispy basil leaves.
  • Pasanda £6.50
  • Raita £3.95
  • Hed Gratiem £4.95
    • Stir fried seasonal mushroom with garlic & pepper.
  • Vegetarian Platter (V) £6.95
    • Per person. Selection of mixed vegetable starters served with various dips & sauce.
  • Seau Rong Hai £12.95
    • Grilled weeping beef served with special spicy sauce on a hot sizzler.
  • New york Deli (New) - Pastrami, handmade gherkin & American mustard relish, mayonnaise, rocket, tomato & red onion N/A
  • Beef Smoky Barbecue N/A
  • Stuffed with Cheddar & Chilli - Red & green hot chilli salsa, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato & red onion N/A
  • Blue Cheese & Bacon - Handmade blue cheese mayo, smoked bacon, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato & red onion N/A
  • Brie N/A
  • Junior Meal Deal (under 12's) Any junior burger, any junior side & any soft drink - Choose from: chips, onion rings, coleslaw, corn onthe cob, cucumber & tomato or mixed leaf salad N/A
  • Nobilo Southern Rivers Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand N/A
  • Jalapeños N/A

Peshawar Kebab House


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232 St Benedicts Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B109NG ,

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