Napa Bar and Kitchen in Leeds Menu

  • AMARULA LATTE A cream liqueur made with the wild Marula fruit. £4.25
  • ESPRESSO MARTINI Made using Tia Maria and real espresso, this cocktail is the perfect pick-me-up. £6.00
  • IRISH COFFEE Made with Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey. £4.25
  • SUKI TEA £2.40
  • MACCHIATO £2.30
  • ESPRESSO £2.20
  • CAPPUCCINO £2.45
  • MOCHA £2.80
  • LATTE £2.50
  • AMERICANO £2.25
  • YORVALE ICE CREAM (V) Choose three scoops from; vanilla pod, double chocolate chip, and strawberry sensation. £4.75
  • PECAN PIE (V)(N) Served with maple syrup and vanilla pod ice cream. £5.50
  • BLACK CHERRY & KIRSCH PANNACOTTA (N) Served with biscotti & chocolate ganache. £5.50
  • STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING (V)(N) Our handmade sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce & your choice of cream or ice cream. £5.50
  • KEY LIME PIE (V)(N) Served with raspberry sorbet. £5.50
  • SWISS ALPS MILK CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE (V)(N) With your choice of cream or vanilla pod ice cream. £5.50
  • CHATEAUBRIAND The ultimate fillet steak served with chunky chips, pan roasted baby onions, mushrooms and bacon lardons, complemented with béarnaise sauce and a classic French red wine jus. 2 PEOPLE £49.95
  • TUNA AU POIVRE Loin of Tuna, crusted with cracked black pepper, served with béarnaise sauce, cress salad and ‘Jenga’ style chips. £16.95
  • TUNA AU POIVRE Loin of Tuna, crusted with cracked black pepper, served with béarnaise sauce, cress salad and ‘Jenga’ style chips. £16.95
  • CHARGRILLED 8OZ SIRLOIN STEAK Served with handmade onion rings, chunky chips and your choice of sauce: Forestière / Classic peppercorn / Béarnaise. £18.95
  • SEA BASS WITH PEA & LEMON RISOTTO Pan roast butterflied Sea Bass fillets served on a creamy pea, lemon and thyme risotto. Perfect with our Pinot Grigio. £17.95
  • GOURMET STEAK & ALE PIE Finest steak slowly braised with root vegetables in a rich ale gravy. Served with sautéed green beans and your choice of parmesan mash or chunky chips. £11.95
  • - Sauces: Chorizo, Paprika & Tomato / Teriyaki (v) Cream of Mushroom* / BBQ* *Can be made vegetarian on request -
  • - Accompaniments: Sautéed vegetables (v) Chunky chips (v) / Basmati rice (v) / House salad (v) Sautéed bok choi & sesame (v) (n) -
  • - HALLOUMI (V) £14.50
  • - SALMON £14.95
  • - CHICKEN £14.50
  • NAPA SKEWERS Chargrilled with fresh vegetables on a kebab skewer. Choose your skewer along with your sauce & two accompaniments. Choose from: -
  • MALAYSIAN CHICKEN (N) Accompanied by pan fried Asian vegetables, basmati rice, sesame & soy dressing, chillies and toasted cashew nuts. £13.95
  • COD FISH CAKE Prime cod chunks folded with seasoned cream potatoes served with dressed salad & hollandaise sauce. £10.50
  • CHARGRILLED 8OZ FILLET STEAK Served with handmade onion rings, chunky chips and your choice of sauce: Forestière / Classic peppercorn / Béarnaise. £22.95
  • PORTOBELLO & GOAT CHEESE WELLINGTON (V) Puff pastry filled with roast Portobello mushroom, wilted spinach, roast onion marmalade & goat cheese served with garlic cream sauce. £11.95
  • INDONESIAN CURRY (V)(N) Butternut squash, spinach, broad beans and julienne Asian vegetables poached in an Indonesian style peanut curry sauce, served with basmati rice, roasted cashews and chillies. £10.95
  • PITTA & HOUMOUS (V)(N) With marinated black & green olives and vegetable crudités. £4.95
  • BREAD & OIL (V)(N) Warmed freshly baked mini loaf with butter and olive oil & balsamic. £4.50
  • SWEET POTATO FRIES (V) Served with garlic mayo. £3.80
  • CHUNKY CHIPS (V) Served with garlic mayo. £3.80
  • HOUSE SALAD (V) £2.95
  • GARLIC BREAD (V) With cheese or tomato. £4.50
  • BEER BATTERED ONION RINGS (V) Served with BBQ sauce. £3.95
  • CURLY FRIES (V) Served with salsa. £3.80
  • HOUSE FRIES (V) Served with garlic mayo. £3.40
  • THE ULTIMATE FILLET STEAK BURGER 10oz fillet steak chopped, seasoned and hand formed into the ultimate burger. Topped with streaky bacon, real Wensleydale cheese, mayo and handmade onion rings. Serv £18.50
  • BBQ Covered with melted Monterey Jack cheese, bacon and smoked BBQ sauce. £10.50
  • THAI CHICKEN (N) Thai green marinated chicken fillets with bok choi, spring onions, mushrooms, coriander and crème fraîche. £9.50
  • INDONESIAN (N) Our house burger basted in satay spice & covered with Monterey Jack cheese, peanut crème fraîche, sweet chilli sauce, peppers & coriander £9.95
  • BLACK & BLUE A Cajun spiced burger with blue cheese & bacon. £10.95
  • PIG OUT Ground pork burger, pulled BBQ pork, crisp streaky bacon & smashed apple sauce. £10.50
  • RANCH Cajun chicken, fried onions and mushrooms with salsa, BBQ sauce, onion rings and mayo. £9.25
  • TUSCANY (V) Our veggie burger; grilled flat mushrooms, artichoke hearts, peppers & olives with buffalo mozzarella, ricotta cheese & torn basil mayo. £9.50
  • THE LIGHTHOUSE BURGER Our classic burger with salsa & mayo. Add cheese for 95p. 25p from the sale of this dish goes towards supporting The Lighthouse School, Leeds. The Lighthouse is the first speci £7.95
  • Feeling hungry? Why not add an extra burger for £2.50 (Excludes Ultimate Fillet Steak). -
  • Served with baby gem lettuce, red onion, vine tomato & house fries. Upgrade to our favourite chunky chips, curly fries or sweet potato fries for £1. -
  • KING PRAWN & CRAB RISOTTO Spiced with fresh coriander and red chillies. Finished with lemon and parsley butter and parmesan. £13.95
  • MUSHROOM & SQUASH RISOTTO Roast squash, wild mushrooms, broad beans, thyme, basil oil and parmesan. For (v) option please ask for without parmesan. £9.50
  • LINGUINE CARBONARA Chicken & bacon tossed with egg, garlic, parmesan & cream. £10.95
  • MEATBALL RIGATONI Cooked with your choice of sauce. Choose from traditional pomodoro sauce or Roman style; cream, bacon, parmesan, parsley, lemon and egg yolk. Sublime with our stunning Montepulcia £9.50
  • KING PRAWN KICK Sautéed in garlic and chilli. Served on a bed of courgette and spring onion ribbons & linguine pasta. £11.50
  • CHICKEN SPIRELLI (N) Grilled chicken and pasta spirals bound with julienne of spring vegetables, pine nuts, mozzarella and fresh parmesan. £10.50
  • LINGUINE PESTO (N) Linguine, courgettes and spinach bound with pesto and cream finished with sun-blushed tomatoes, rocket and fresh parmesan. £8.95
  • HARROGATE BLUE & BACON (N) A Banyan twist on the classic Waldorf salad. Harrogate blue cheese, crisp bacon lardons* and fresh apple all bound with toasted walnuts, celery and mixed leaves. £9.95
  • ROAST SALMON With spring onion & parmesan potato salad, house leaves, sun-blushed tomatoes and a soft poached egg. £13.50
  • BANG BANG CHICKEN (N) Chicken fillets, oriental style dressing, julienne vegetables, mixed leaves, lime, chilli, toasted cashews and peanuts. £9.95
  • CRAB AND MANGO Handpicked white claw meat, brown crab mayonnaise, baby gem leaf, fresh fennel shavings, sun-blushed tomatoes and mango relish. Our Chairman loves this with a glass of Chablis. £13.95
  • CHICKEN & CHORIZO With sautéed new potatoes, green beans, sweet peppers, mixed leaves, a soft poached egg and Caesar dressing. £10.50
  • REVITALIZE (V) Warmed halloumi and butternut squash, feta cheese, crisp leaves, olives and mixed peppers with garlic & herb dressing. £9.75
  • All our nutritious salads areserved with warmpitta bread. -
  • MEDITERRANEAN VEG & BABY MOZZARELLA (V) Chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables, baby mozzarella, onion chutney, sundried tomatoes, dressed leaves & torn basil mayo. £8.50
  • PULLED PORK Low & slow smoked pulled BBQ pork,smoky streaky bacon, blackened sweet onions, smashed apple sauce & French’s mustard mayo. £9.25
  • STEAK MELT Strips of steak, melted Monterey Jack cheese, sautéed red onions and mushrooms with Dijon mayo, house leaves and a pot of béarnaise sauce. £9.50
  • NAPA CLUB Chargrilled chicken & bacon with tomatoes, Monterey Jack cheese, mayo & house leaves. £8.95
  • DELI TOSTADA A crisp tortilla topped with red onion chutney, gruyère cheese, rocket, spring onion, cherry tomatoes, parmesan shavings & balsamic reduction. For (v) option ask for without parmesan. £8.50
  • CRAB & AVOCADO Handpicked white crabmeat, sliced avocado, brown crab mayo, sun blushed tomatoes and crisp leaves. £9.25
  • CHICKEN FAJITA With melted Monterey Jack cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos & house leaves. £8.95
  • HOI SIN DUCK TOSTADA (N) With Asian vegetables, Monterey Jack cheese, rocket leaves, chillies and sweet & sour plum sauce. £8.95
  • WENSLEYDALE & BACON TOASTIE Real Wensleydale cheese, crisp bacon and red onion marmalade toasted to perfection on hand sliced white bread. £7.25
  • Served with a choice of freshly baked rosemary & rock salt focaccia, seeded granary roll or a healthy tortilla wrap & house fries. Upgrade to our favourite chunky chips,curly or sweet potato fries £1. -
  • CRAB & AVOCADO Handpicked white crab with avocado, brown crab mayo and fresh tomato served with crisp crostinis. £7.25
  • RIBS Hickory smoked baby back ribs covered with sticky BBQ sauce and served with coleslaw. £7.50
  • HOI SIN DUCK SPRING ROLL (N) Handmade crispy duck spring roll served on an Asian salad with our favourite sweet and sour plum sauce. £6.95
  • SATAY CHICKEN SKEWERS (N) With sweet chilli sauce and peanut crème fraîche. £6.75
  • TRIO OF BRUSCHETTA Choose from: Vine tomato, basil, red onion & garlic (v) / Roast squash, mascarpone & goat cheese (v) / Prosciutto ham, marinated courgette, rocket & balsamic / Avocado & Crab. £5.50
  • SEAFOOD CATCH Crispy beer battered cod, prawns and scallops served with tartar sauce. £7.50
  • BRIE MELTS (V) Chunks of warm brie coated in Japanese breadcrumbs with roast onion chutney. £6.75
  • FRESH CALAMARI With classic lemon mayo. £6.50
  • PEA, PEAR & MINT SOUP (V) Finished with a cream drizzle and served with warm ciabatta. £4.95
  • AROUND THE WORLD MEZE (N) Try our feast from around the world - Malaysian satay chicken skewers, king prawns pan fried with chilli & coriander, BBQ baby back ribs, creamy garlic mushrooms, warm focacc £19.50
  • LE JARDIN MEZE (V)(N) A vegetarian delight – warm brie melts, roast squash, mascarpone & goat cheese bruschetta, roast onion chutney, creamy garlic mushrooms, houmous & vegetable crudités and marinate £16.95
  • THE ENERGIZER Designed by our friends at CrossFit, Leeds. Handmade sweet potato hash brown topped with spinach, crispy bacon, poached eggs and fresh avocado & tomato salsas. £7.50
  • CONTINENTAL (V) Our selection of mini all butter pastries: pain au raisin, pain au chocolat and croissant served with natural yoghurt & red berry compote. £4.95
  • SWISS (V) Potato rosti topped with gruyère cheese, roast Portobello mushroom & spinach. Add crisp streaky bacon for 95p. £7.50
  • SMOKED SALMON & SCRAMBLED EGGS Simply served with toast. £8.50
  • NAPA OMELETTE Choose from leek, buffalo mozzarella and parmesan* or ham, mushroom and Monterey Jack cheese. *For (v) option ask for without parmesan. £6.95
  • CANADIAN (V) A favourite across Canada. Warmed waffles served with maple syrup and crème fraîche. Add crisp streaky bacon for 95p. £5.95
  • ENGLISH ‘A hearty Yorkshire breakfast’ of bacon, pork & herb sausage, hash brown, grilled tomato, roast field mushroom, baked beans and toast, served with fried, scrambled or poached eggs. Vegetarian £7.95
  • EGGS BENEDICT Free range poached eggs, bacon, toast and hollandaise sauce. £7.50
  • TOAST (V) Freshly toasted white served with strawberry jam, marmalade or Nutella (n) £2.95

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