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 Sake & Plum Wine
  • Gokai Nama (300ml) £9.90
    • A higher grade “nama” unpasteurised saké. Dry, light and clean finish. Served chilled.
  • Plum Wine Takara Umeshu (75cl) £26.90
  • Shochikubai (75cl) £23.70
  • Asahi Superdry Bottle (330ml) (VGN) £4.85
  • Brewdog Nanny State 0.5% ‘Alcohol Free’ Hoppy Ale (330ml) (VGN) £4.85
 Red Wine
  • Merlot Mourvedre, Les Oliviers, France (75cl) (VGN) £22.40
  • Cuvee Jean Paul, Vaucluse, France (75cl) (VGN) £19.90
 White Wine
  • Les Oliviers Sauvignon Blanc Vermentino, France £22.40
  • Fedele Catarratto Pinot Grigio, Sicily Italy (75cl) (VGN) (Organic) £24.90
  • Cuvee Jean Paul, Côtes De Gascogne, France (75cl) (VGN) £19.90
  • Plum Wine £26.90
 Soft Drinks
  • Sparkling water (750ml) £4.10
  • Still water (750ml) £4.10
  • Diet Coke (330ml) £3.20
  • Coke (330ml) £3.20
  • Boho Gelato Ice Cream (VGN) £4.85
    • Choose from a range of flavours such as matcha green, and peanut brittle. Made by Brighton’s best.
  • Dorayaki Pancakes (V) £4.70
    • Traditional Japanese sweets made with a variety of fillings such as cream cheese, strawberry, green tea, chocolate.
  • Small Mochi Rice Cakes (VGN) £4.70
    • Three mochi cakes with a variety of fillings such as mung bean & red adzuki bean, chopped peanuts, and coconut.
 Miso Soup
  • Spicy Chilli Miso £3.20
    • Our famed homemade miso soup spiced up with shichimi. Served with tofu and healthy wakame seaweed.
  • Spicy Japanese Mushroom Miso Soup (VGN) (GF) £3.60
    • Made with our super-healthy konbu seaweed dashi, served with Japanese mushrooms and chilli.
  • Classic Miso Served with Tofu and Seaweed (VGN) (GF) £2.95
    • Made with our super-healthy konbu seaweed dashi, served with tofu & wakame.
 Maki Rolls
  • Spicy Tuna (8 Pieces) £17.40
  • Soft Shell Crab Tempura Maki (6 Pieces) £9.50
  • Tofu, Mizuna, Sun Dried Tomato, Red Onion & Cucumber (8 Pieces) (VGN) £14.20
  • Poached Salmon Katsu & Mustard Maki (8 Pieces) £16.20
  • California Maki (8 Pieces) £11.80
  • Salmon & Avocado Maki (8 Pieces) £16.20
 Sushi Boxes and Platters
  • Build-Your-Own Sushi Party Platter £70.00
    • 10x salmon nigiri, 4x salmon hosomaki, 4x cucumber hosomaki, 4x avocado hosomaki, 2x California maki, 2x salmon and avocado, 2x tuna salad maki, 2x vegetarian maki, 2x salmon skin, plus 10 nigiri, 10 futomaki, and 9 hosomaki of your choice.
  • "Lucky Dip" Chef's Selection Sushi Box £14.85
    • Our best value sushi box: a selection of nigiri and maki sushi chosen for you by our chefs. 14 to 20 pieces, depending on availability and type of sushi. This box is only available for limited periods only – from 8pm Mondays-Saturday, from 7pm on Sundays.
  • Vegan Hosomaki Box (VGN) (VG) £7.70
    • A selection of our vegan hosomaki (12 pieces): 4 x cucumber kappamaki, 4 x avocado hosomaki, 4 x oshinko hosomaki.
  • Salmon Nigiri £11.40
    • 6x Loch Duart salmon nigiri.
  • Salmon Sashimi + Tuna Sashimi + Edamame £10.95
    • 4x Loch Duart salmon sashimi, 3x yellowfin tuna sashimi, edamame soy beans.
  • Vegan Wednesday Special (Only Available on Wednesdays) (VG) £13.45
    • A selection of our vegan wednesday specials: 6x vegan futomaki and 6x vegan hosomaki.
  • German Bight £15.65
    • 2 x salmon nigiri, 1 x tuna nigiri, 1 x prawn nigiri, 1 x tamago egg nigiri, 1 x seabass nigiri, 1 x mackerel nigiri, 1 x ika squid nigiri, 2 x salmon hosomaki, 2 x cucumber kappamak.
  • Hosomaki Box (12 Pieces) £7.70
    • A full selection of our hosomaki: 3 x cucumber kappamaki, 3 x avocado hosomaki, 2 x tuna tekkamaki, 2 x salmon hosomaki, 2 x oshinko maki.
  • Faeroes Vegan (VGN) (VG) £10.65
    • 1 x inari tofu 1 x tofu, mizuna, sun-dried tomato, red onion & cucumber 1x vegetarian maki, 1x vegan California maki, 1x Chef's choice maki, 2x avocado hosomaki, 2x umekyu plum & cucumber kappamaki, 2x oshinko hosomaki.
  • Hebrides Sashimi (GF) £19.45
    • 4x salmon sashimi, 3x tuna sashimi, 3x seabass sashimi, 3x mackerel sashimi, 3x ika squid sashimi.
  • Fair Isle £14.80
    • 2x salmon & avocado maki, 2x California maki, 1x tuna salad uramaki, 1x grilled salmon skin & spring onion maki, 1x spicy tuna maki, 1x poached salmon katsu maki, 2x cucumber kappamaki, 2x avocado hosomaki.
  • Bay of Biscay £11.85
    • 4x salmon sashimi, 2x salmon nigiri, 2x salmon & avocado maki, 2x avocado maki.
  • Viking Platter £19.85
    • 2x salmon nigiri, 1x yellowfin tuna nigiri, 1x seabass nigiri, 1x tamago omelette nigiri, 1x prawn nigiri, 2x grilled salmon skin & spring onion maki, 2x salmon and avocado uramaki, 1x tofu, mizuna, sun dried tomato, red onion & cucumber maki, 1x tuna salad uramaki, 4x kappamaki cucumber roll.
  • Cromarty £10.45
    • 2x salmon nigiri, 3x kapamaki, 3x avocado maki, 1x tuna salad uramaki, 1x Loch Duart salmon and avocado maki, 1x California crab stick and avocado maki.
 Gyoza Dumplings
  • Pan-fried Pork Gyoza (5 Pieces) £5.90
    • Dumplings, steamed then flash fried.
  • Pan-fried Duck Gyoza (5 Pieces) £5.90
    • Dumplings, steamed then flash fried.
  • Pan-fried Chicken & Vegetable Gyoza (5 Pieces) £5.90
    • Dumplings, steamed then flash fried.
  • Pan-fried Spinach Gyoza (5 Pieces) (VGN) £5.90
    • Dumplings, steamed then flash fried.
  • Pan-fried Vegetable Gyoza (5 Pieces) (VGN) £5.90
    • Dumplings, steamed then flash fried.
 Poke Don Bowls
  • Vegan Moshimo Salad Poke Don £11.90
    • A poke don made with our healthy salad of kale, avocado, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, oshinko pickles & edamame beans, drizzled with a soy-bean based Japanese wafu dressing.
  • Vegan `Duck` Poke Don £11.90
    • Succulent peces of Vbites vegan `duck` in our much-loved teriyaki sauce, with edamame beans, red chilli, avocado, japanese pickles and white sesame seeds.
  • Vegan ‘Chicken’ Kang-Jung Poke Don (VGN) (VG) £11.90
    • Morsels of fried marinated VBites vegan ‘chicken’ pieces and peanuts in a firecracking Korean sauce, in our famous Korean kang-jung sauce, mango chunks, healthy edamame beans, red chilli and goma wakame seaweed.
  • Salmon Katsu Poke Don £11.90
    • Fried poached salmon katsu with Japanese curry sauce, gari ginger pickles, healthy edamame beans, green leaves, oshinko pickle chunks.
  • Chicken Teriyaki Poke Don £11.90
    • Succulent pieces of chicken marinated in homemade MOSHIMO teriyaki sauce, avocado, healthy edamame beans, red chilli, Japanese pickles, sesame seeds.
  • Chicken Katsu Poke Don £11.90
    • Free-range chicken breast with Japanese curry sauce, green leaves, Japanese pickles, and sesame seeds.
  • Sustainable ‘Eel’ Unagi Poke Don £11.90
    • Sustainable tilapia belly marinated in teriyaki sauce, green leaves, Japanese pickles.
 Build Your Bowl
  • Silken Tofu £9.95
  • Tuna £9.95
  • Salmon £9.95
 Signature Bowls
  • Tofu Tantrum (VGN)(GF) £9.95
    • Silken tofu in tahini and miso sauce, avocado, salty mango, red chilli, edamame, crushed peanuts.
  • Salmon Smile £9.95
    • Salmon in soy and lime ponzu sauce avocado, panko, fresh garden salad with wafu dressing, red chilli, masago roe mayo, nori seaweed.
  • Korean Kick £9.95
    • Fresh diced tuna in Korean chilli & apple sauce, goma wakame, julienned cucumber, edamame, fresh sliced chilli.

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