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Mons in Bootle has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Lychees (V) or Pineapple Fritter With Golden Syrup (V) from Yuet Ben Restaurant. Prezzo offers many options including San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 1 litre and San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 500 ml. Byron Liverpool One includes a wide range like American Vanilla Custard tart or Soda Folk Fizzy Cherry. Bottled Water and Juice from . Fruit + Fibres Canteen & Craft Workshop offers Tavern Wine Bar and Strawberry Bellini.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Garlic Bread with Mozzarella (V) £4.99
  • Onion Rings (V) £3.99
  • Ben & Jerrys Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream (V) £5.49
  • Hawaiian £10.19
    • Tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham & pineapple
  • Vegan Deal for 4 £33.99
    • Any two Vegan Sharing Pan / Thin Pizza+ Any two Vegan sides + Any 1.5L Drink + Any two Vegan desserts
  • Cheesy Triangles (V) £5.49
  • I Can't Believe It's Not Cheesecake (VG) £6.19
  • Philly Cheese Steak £21.99
    • Creamy sauce, triple cheese blend, shaved steak, caramelised onions & peppers.
  • Chicken Royale with Cheese Meal £7.99
    • Toasted long sesame bun with crispy chicken, lettuce, mayo, melted cheese and crispy bacon. Meals are served with large fries or onion rings and a soft drink of your choice.
  • Bacon Double Cheeseburger Meal £7.49
    • Two signature flame-grilled beef patties topped with smoked bacon and two layers of melted American cheese on a toasted sesame seed bun. Meals are served with a large fries or onion rings and a soft drink of your choice.
  • Steakhouse Angus £5.99
    • A deep smokey BBQ sauce with a flame grilled 100% Aberdeen Angus beef burger. With smoked bacon, crispy onions, mayo and sliced tomatoes topped with a white cheese slice.
  • Sprite £1.79
    • 500ml bottle -This bottle is 100% recyclable, please recycle
  • 4 Piece Chilli Cheese Bites £1.69
    • Crispy coated with smooth and spicy cheese inside. A unique taste of chilli with every bite.
  • Sweet Chilli £0.20
  • Whopper® £4.49
    • A flame-grilled beef patty, topped with tomatoes, fresh cut lettuce, mayo, pickles, a swirl of ketchup, and sliced onions on a soft sesame seed bun.
  • 9 Piece Chicken Fries £4.69
    • 100% chicken breast coated in a light crispy breading, Chicken Fries are perfectly shaped for dipping in one of our BURGER KING® dips.
  • Subway Melt £5.45
  • Chicken Tikka £4.10
  • Mega Melt £7.15
  • Chicken Breast £4.10
  • Spicy Italian £3.75
  • Mountain Dew Sugar Free 500ml £1.85
  • Pepsi Max 500ml £1.85
  • Turkey Breast Meal £8.75
  • Penne Gorgonzola £11.70
    • Chicken, leeks, tenderstem® broccoli and pancetta in a creamy gorgonzola sauce. Gluten free option available.
  • Calabrese Burger £11.30
    • Two 4oz patties, topped with prosciutto, cheddar, red onion and tomato, served with house fries and our spicy Calabrese ketchup
  • Margherita (V) £8.65
    • Tomato, basil and mozzarella. Vegetarian. Gluten free option and vegan option available
  • Pesto & Pea Penne (V) £11.80
    • With basil pesto, peas, mint and lemon topped with creamy burrata cheese. Vegetarian. Gluten free option available
  • Breaded Mozzarella (V) £6.20
    • With pomodoro sauce. Vegetarian.
  • Penne Arrabbiata & Chicken £10.65
    • In a garlic pomodoro sauce with a kick of chilli. Gluten free option available
  • Garlic Bread with Fresh Mozzarella (V) £4.90
    • Vegetarian. Gluten free option available.
  • NEW Garlic Bread with Balsamic Onions & Mozzarella (V) £4.90
    • Pizza bread topped with garlic, sweet balsamic onions and mozzarella. Vegetarian. Gluten free option available
  • Mayonnaise £1.00
  • Chocolate Brownie Bites £4.25
    • Goey chocolate brownie bites
  • Sri Lankan Chicken Curry £9.50
    • Chicken in a creamy coconut and tomato sauce with chilli, lemongrass and coriander. Served with white rice.
  • Tomato Ketchup £1.00
  • Pizza Combo for 1 £20.00
    • Double pepperoni pizza, fries, Revs fried chicken strips, soft drink and chocolate brownie bites.
  • Marga-cheetah £7.50
    • vegan mozzarella, basil and tomato base.
  • Spicy Vodka Chicken £10.50
    • Pepperoni, pulled chicken breast, chilli vodka salsa, peppers, jalapenos, chilli flakes and parsley on a mozzarella and tomato base.
  • Sweet Potato Fries £3.00
  • Mixed Salad £3.50
    • Mixed leaves with tomato and red onions.
  • Birra Moretti Zero (Alcohol Free) £3.75
  • San Pellegrino Drink - Melograna E Arancia (Pomegranate And Orange) £2.30
    • 330ml can.
  • Ortolana £9.95
    • Tomato, mozzarella, peppers, aubergines and artichokes.
  • Signor Maurizio £9.95
    • Tomato, mozzarella, shavings of wafer thin parma ham and fresh basil.
  • Dr Pepper £1.85
    • 330ml can.
  • Diavolina £9.50
    • Tomato, mozzarella, salame, pepperoni and spicy nduja calabrese sausage.
  • Panino Nonna Delizia £5.50
    • Toasted ciabatta bread filled with salame, goats cheese, grilled aubergine and basil pesto.



36-38 Breeze Hill, Bootle, Merseyside, L209NZ ,




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Pub Food


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36-38 Breeze Hill, Bootle, Merseyside, L209NZ ,
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