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Currently there is no menu available for Mario's Trattoria and Pizzeria in Oldham. We are continuously adding menus, so check back soon!

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A Month Of Sundaes (sample menu)
a 1/4lb Burger made from mixed vegetables and potatoes, coated in breadcrumbs served in a toasted bun with lettuce and mayonnaise -
- with cream & marshmallows £2.30 / Large £2.80
Mozzarella and Red Onion £3.85
Mushroom Melt Ciabatta – mushrooms with melted cheddar cheese £4.25
Cheddar Cheese Chicken Burger £4.25
Strawberry Delight Sundae Strawberry ice cream served with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, strawberry syrup and wafers £4.50
Fresh Strawberries, Banana and Marshmallows served with melted milk chocolate for dipping, for two to share £6.45
Crumpets with butter £1.60
Clean Here for the full menu for A Month Of Sundaes
Popular Menu Items
Image Name Description Cuisines
Popular Menu Item Palmito Salad Palmito Salad Palm hearts are the main ingredient of this dish which is a beautiful fresh salad using a variety of leaves, olives, red onions, crushed garlic and in some cases baby cherry tomatoes. Often served with a mayonnaise based dressing with extra lime and lemon, this dish has a very earthy flavour but is quite light and has a very distinctive taste from the palm hearts. The dish is often made more filling by adding shrimp and avocado. Brazil
Popular Menu Item Tentecao Tentecao Time for something sweet and a little alcoholic? You must try tentecao, a delicious vanilla and amaretto ice cream, served on the side with a cup of very strong Brazilian expresso coffee. The almond flavour of the amaretto is a perfect foil for the deep flavoured roasted coffee. ’Tentecao’ also means ‘temptation’ and this certainly is! Can also be served with a sweet layer of pastry on the top and a compote of spiced red fruits. Brazil
Popular Menu Item Meat Feast Meat Feast ‘Churrasco’ has become a very popular way of eating in the UK, with grilled meats served directly on to the table by ‘passadors’ (meat carvers), dripping with juice from the selection of meats all on one long skewer. There is always a selection of lamb, beef, pork, and chicken, and also sometimes a little offal! You eat this until you can eat no more – when you have had enough, you simple flip over the ‘flag’ at the end of your table to signify you are totally stuffed! Copious choices of salad, again, you just eat as much as you want. Brazil
Popular Menu Item Croquettes Croquettes Croquettes are served with either chicken or beef and are determined as either ‘coxina’ (chicken) or ‘kibe’ (beef) and are mixed with potato, cream cheese and battered before being deep fried. Kibe are made from beef using the same method but sometimes bulghar wheat is used inside, as the dish originates from Lebanon. Served with wedges of lime and a dip of tahini or spicy tomato salsa as a starter. Brazil
Popular Menu Item Calabresa Acebolado Calabresa Acebolado This dish is a bit of a mouthful to say and certainly to eat! A definite comfort food, it comprises pieces of pepperoni style Brazilian sausage, mixed with manioc (a starchy root vegetable like tapioca) onions and herbs and spices. It is then deep fried and served with a tomato style salsa. Very tasty and a very simple dish, this will fill you up and warm you up. A very similar dish is also found in Asia using other spiced meat. Brazil
Popular Menu Item Empanadas Empanadas Originally from Spain and Argentina, these have spread across the border to Brazil and onwards to the UK. Fillings can vary from chilli flavoured minced beef or lamb to a spicy mix of vegetables and cheese, enclosed in a triangular or crescent shaped pastry or dough and deep fried. Sometimes called ‘pastels’ in Brazilian restaurants, they are served as a starter with accompanying dips. Brazil
Popular Menu Item Guarana Guarana This is an energy drink now owned by the Coca Cola company and is a fizzy refreshing drink, not dissimilar to Red Bull. Brazilians claim that is has health-evoking properties as it is made from natural raw guarana fruit which is surrounded in mystery. It is a pinky brown in colour and the fruit itself is only the size of a coffee bean. Brazil
Popular Menu Item Caipirina Caipirina A traditional Brazilian cocktail made with Cachaca (spirit) and served with sugar, lime and ice. Some restaurants substitute vodka for Caipirina, in which case the drink is then called ‘caipiroska’ or ‘caipivodka. Strawberry is a popular fruity accompaniment with this spirit and if used, the name is again changed to ‘batida’ or ‘caipifruita’. Whichever way, it is a great cocktail to savour. Brazil

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Restaurant Details

Table Service
0161 678 077
125 Yorkshire Street, Oldham, Lancashire, OL13TQ ,
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard
European, Brazil

Opening Hours

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