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Koon Yum in Bolton has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Moroccan Mint or Masala Chai from The Fig & The Olive. Frankie & Benny's New York Italian Restaurant & Bar - Salford offers many options including Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime and Brooklyn Special Effects. The Study Room includes a wide range like Dom Pérignon Brut or Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut. Prosecco Rose and Prosecco from . Nam Ploy offers Sultan Restaurant and Parata.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Balti Rogan Josh (Medium) £6.00
  • Garlic Naan £2.50
  • Special Jalfrezi £7.50
    • Cooked with chicken tikka, spicy minced meat, potatoes, green chillies, tomatoes, garlic and fresh coriander served in a thick rich sauce. Spicy.
  • Saag Paneer £3.80
  • Mixed Korma £7.00
    • Chicken, lamb and prawns.
  • King Prawn Karahi £8.70
  • Seekh Kebab on Naan £5.00
  • King Prawn Saag £8.70
  • Texas BBQ Pizza £8.99
    • BBQ sauce, chicken, onion, and green pepper and sausage.
  • Mighty Meaty £7.49
    • Chicken, mince meat with extra cheese and pepperoni.
  • Chicken Sandwich Meal £3.49
    • Chicken sandwich, fries and can of drink.
  • Can of Soft Drink £0.80
  • Garlic Chicken Pizza £7.49
    • Garlic, chicken, onion and mushroom.
  • Texas BBQ Pizza £7.49
    • BBQ sauce, chicken, onion, and green pepper and sausage.
  • Garlic Bread with Cheese and Mushrooms £4.89
  • Hawaiian Pizza £8.25
    • Salami and pineapple.
  • Americano - Single shot of Espresso with hot water. Regular: £2.05, Large: £2.25
  • Californian Chicken Burger - Chargrilled chicken Breast with bacon and Emmental cheese served on a multi seeded Kaiser bun with tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise. Served with house salad and fries. £7.95
  • Chargrilled 8oz* Prime British Beefburger - Served on a multi seeded Kaiser bun with tomatoes, lettuce and Italian mayonnaise. Served with house salad and fries. £7.95
  • Cheeseburger - Harvey's Beef Burger with cheese served on multi seeded Kaiser bun. Served with house salad fries. £8.45
  • Harvey's Meze - Tempura chicken, tomato tapenade, salami Milano, sun blushed tomatoes, pan fried king prawns with garlic, emmental cheese, arctic bread. Served with a salad garnish. £7.95
  • Garlic Flat Bread with Cheese £3.25
  • Knickerbocker Glory - Classic ice cream sundae dessert £4.25
  • Lemon Peppered Sea Bass - Grilled sea bass fillet with the cracked peppercorns served with new potatoes in sour cream and chives, pan fried manage tout and peppers and lemon herb butter. £9.95
  • King Prawns with Spicy 'Nduja £7.25
    • King prawns, soft and spicy ’nduja sausage, tomato, roasted peppers, garlic oil and chilli flakes topped with fresh tomato, red onion and parsley. Served with Dough Balls
  • Coleslaw ‘PizzaExpress’ (V) (GF) £3.75
    • A crunchy coleslaw of white cabbage, carrot and onion with a chipotle spice in a rich and creamy dressing.
  • Piccolo La Reine Set Menu (Pizza + Salad + Dough Balls + Brownie) £6.25
    • Designed for children: piccolo Dough Balls ‘PizzaExpress', served with Houmous; a piccolo salad; a piccolo pizza with pepperoni; and, a gluten-free Chocolate Brownie
  • Diet Coke Bundle (330ml x 4) £7.65
    • glass bottle (requires bottle opener)
  • NEW Risotto Con Funghi (N) (V) (GF) £12.70
    • Creamy white wine risotto with Portobello mushrooms, pine kernels and garlic oil, topped with rocket, parsley and shaved Gran Milano cheese
  • Gluten Free Peroni Nastro Azzurro Bundle (330ml x 4) (GF) £12.50
    • (ABV 5.1%) The same crisp and light lager, but without gluten (bottle opener required)
  • Sprite No Sugar £2.80
    • (330ml) glass bottle (requires bottle opener)
  • Polenta Chips (V) £4.70
    • Italian polenta chips with rosemary, oven-baked and finished with Gran Milano cheese, served with a honey & mustard dressing dip.
  • Toasted T-Cake (plain or fruit) £1.60
  • Grilled Goats Cheese Salad - Goats cheese grilled on ciabatta bread topped with caramelised balsamic onions, served on fresh salad leaves tossed with crème fraiche and walnuts £6.95
  • Chicken & Bacon Caeser Salad - A classic salad of chicken, crispy bacon, fresh salad leaves, toasted croutons, anchovies & parmesan shavings, drizzled with our own Caeser dressing £6.95
  • Crispy chicken sweet chilli wrap, lettuce and mayo £6.25
  • Ice-cream Sundae - Choose from: chocolate, toffee or strawberry £3.95
  • Fish finger sandwich £5.55
  • Classic Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato £4.75
  • Spicy Cajun Chicken Wrap £6.25
  • King Prawn Sinka - Marinated King Prawns cooked with whole mushrooms, tomotoes, pepper and onions. N/A
  • Satoki Shatkora - Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with a special Bangladeshi citrus fruit, a very traditional dish cooked in a fairly hot sauce, highly recommened. N/A
  • Duck Tikka Ashwari - Duck fillets marinated in a home made sauce with special herbs & spices, barbecued over flaming tandoori oven & cooked in an enriched Mossalla sauce. Served with garlic fried rice N/A
  • Monk Fish Special - Cooked Sylheti style with fresh herbs, spices and lemon juice in a medium sauce. N/A
  • Lamb Pista - Lamb fillets marinated in red wine & pistachio cream, cooked in a chef's special mild sauce. Served with coconut rice. N/A
  • Salmon Ka Jhool - Scottish salmon fillets marinated with turmeric, lemon juice, ginger & mild spices. Pan fried & then simmered in a prawn & dill sauce. Served with lemon fried rice. N/A
  • Murgh Amber Khana - Barbecued chicken fillets in a creamy mango & honey sauce (mild). Served with badami rice. N/A
  • Jhinga Changezi - Whole tandooris king prawns marinated with garlic, ginger, lemon juice & spices cooked in chef's special Mossalla sauce served with pilau rice. N/A

Koon Yum


121A High Street, Little Lever, Bolton, Lancashire, BL31LX ,




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121A High Street, Little Lever, Bolton, Lancashire, BL31LX ,
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