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Jaspers Village Bakery in Stafford has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Chips or Plain Omelette & Chips from Paprika. Jalfrezi offers many options including 1.5 L Bottle and Cans. Greggs Plc includes a wide range like 7 Pigs in Blankets or Southern Fried Chicken Goujons. Water and Juice from . Carla's Cafe offers Three Horseshoes and Roasted Vegetable Tagliatelle with a Parmesan Crumb.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Italian Flatbread £4.95
  • With Whipped Cream Reg: £2.45, Large: £2.95
  • Toffee Apple Diplomat £2.40
  • Mozzarella, Sun Dried Tomato £3.80
  • Plain with butter £4.00
  • Berry Mousse £3.10
  • Cherry Frangipane £2.90
  • Espresso Machito Reg: £1.90, Med: £2.30
  • Spicy Papadam £0.80
  • Singara Aeromatic Special £9.95
    • Consists of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kabab, minced meat with finely sliced onions, fresh coriander, egg & singara's special sauce.
  • Bhuna £5.50
  • Tandoori King Prawn £8.95
    • Marinated king prawn, barbecued with onions & other spices, served with fresh salad.
  • Chicken Tikka Biryani £6.95
    • Pieces of chicken tikka cooked with aeromatic rice, coriander & special spices.
  • Vegetable Naan £2.25
  • Onion Bhaji £2.95
    • Crisp onion deep fried with gram flour batter until golden brown.
  • Chicken Tikka Balti £6.95
  • Chicken Burger £2.80
  • Garlic Cheese Naan £2.50
  • Donner Burger £2.95
  • Malaya £4.50
    • A medium to mild dish cooked with coconut powder & pineapple.
  • Korma £3.50
  • Makhani £7.50
    • Marinated chicken / lamb cooked in rich creamy sauce with fragrant spice & pure ghee.
  • Rogan Josh £4.50
    • A thoroughly garnished dish consisting of onions & capsicum, garnished with tomato & fresh coriander.
  • Lamb Biryani £6.80
  • King Prawn: Thai curry served with basmati rice (S) £9.25
  • Malaysian style beef salad with bean sprouts and toasted sesame seeds £8.95
  • Tandoori roast chicken served with cumin mash and a spiced coconut cream sauce £8.95
  • Coleslaw £1.75
  • Café club sandwich £6.25
  • BBQ pulled pork with Vietnamese slaw in a toasted brioche bun £6.95
  • King prawn with garlic and leek sauce on toasted brioche £5.95
  • Tuna Mayonnaise £5.95
  • Murugh Aloo Roast - Roasted chicken pieces and potato topped with spiced minced meat and cheddar cheese. £6.95
  • Sag Aloo £2.90
  • Aloo Gobi £2.90
  • Vindaloo - Even hotter than above. £6.25
  • Garlic Cheese Chilli Naan £1.95
  • Sag - Cooked with spinach £6.75
  • Garlic Naan £1.95
  • Biriani - All our biriani dishes are cooked with basmati rice and served with a medium hot, vegetable curry. £6.95
  • Breakfast Box
    • Heinz Beans, cheese omelette, pork sausages and mini hash browns.
  • Sausage Breakfast Baguette
    • Made with freshly cooked sausages in a crusty baguette – all it needs is a little dash of brown or red sauce. We’ll let you choose.
  • Belgian Bun
    • Finished with fondant icing and topped with a crowd-pleasing glacé cherry.
  • Triple Chocolate Doughnut
    • Packed full of delicious chocolatey flavours such as our belgian white chocolate curls, and Greggs'
  • Tuna and Cucumber Sandwich
    • Our Tuna and Cucumber Sandwich skips the frills and gets straight on with the flavour.
  • Chicken Bake
    • Made with chicken breast pieces in a rich and creamy white sauce, these savoury bakes are wrapped in golden puff pastry –
  • Chargrill Chicken Oval Bite
    • Slices of chargrill flavour chicken are layered on fresh salad leaves, tomato and cucumber. With honey-mustard mayonnaise, served in our seeded Oval Bite, you can almost smell the smoky summer barbecue.
  • Fruit Medley
    • Fruit medley - a tasty mixture of melon, kiwi, apple and red grapes.

Jaspers Village Bakery


Crown Bridge, Penkridge, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST195AA ,




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Crown Bridge, Penkridge, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST195AA ,
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