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Jacquis in Blackpool has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Fruit Shoot (0.33L) or Tango (0.33L) from Crunchy Chicken. Zazz offers many options including Bottle Of Drink and Can of Drink. Turtle Bay includes a wide range like Koko Kanu Coconut Rum or Appleton's Signature Rum 70cl. Junior burger - served with chips or side salad and Junior jackets - choose from cheese, baked beans or coleslaw from . The Mix offers Boonnak Thai and Sprite (0.33L).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Chicken Pakora £2.50
    • Chicken breast marinated in own special spicy batter and deep fried.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala £6.95
  • Mix Vegetable Biryani £4.95
  • Chicken Steak £7.95
    • Tender 6oz chicken fillet coated in herbs and flame grilled. Served with rice, vegetables, mash potato and creamy pepper sauce. Served with rice or chips.
  • Chicken Pasta £4.45
    • Tender chicken pieces tossed into spicy chilli and tomato pasta with fresh red peppers sprinkled with grated cheddar cheese.
  • Donner Tray £2.75
  • Chicken Donner Tray £3.25
  • Grilled Chicken Tikka £3.45
  • Family Meal £12.99
    • 14" Margherita pizza with 3 toppings of your choice, 2 chips and 1.5L bottle of soft drink freemedium garlic bread with cheese.
  • Kids 7" Cheese & Tomato Pizza £3.99
    • Served with chips and 1 milkshake.
  • Onion Rings £1.00
  • Folded Garlic Chicken £5.00
    • Double cheese, garlic, tomato sauce and chicken.
  • Irish £8.50
    • Salami, mushrooms and sweetcorn.
  • Four Seasons £6.99
    • Salami, mushrooms and onions.
  • Pepperoni Pizza £4.60
    • Pepperoni.
  • Hot & Spicy (Spicy) £8.99
    • Onions, pepperoni, spicy meat and jalapeno.
  • Coca Cola 500ml £1.95
  • Single Taco £2.25
    • Choice of fillings.
  • Fries (Plain) £1.95
  • Sprite 500ml £1.95
  • Kids Single Taco Meal £4.45
    • Include a choice of filling, spicy fries or tortilla chips, and a drink.
  • Coke Zero 500ml £1.95
  • Crispy Taco Salad £5.75
    • Edible crispy tortilla bowl filled with shredded lettuce, rice and black turtle beans, topped with salsa, guacamole, jalapenos, monterey jack cheese, and sour cream.
  • Muchos Nachos (Spicy) £4.75
    • Corn tortilla chips smothered in cheddar cheese sauce and topped with guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and jalapeno peppers.
  • Hickory Smoke £7.50
    • Stacked with a juicy beef patty, double Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, grilled onions ,crispy onion rings, burger sauce and a dollop of smoky hickory BBQ sauce, all packed into a soft glazed bun.
  • Sweet Potato Fries £4.00
    • Paired perfectly with any Stacks burger (V)
  • Buffalo Blue £7.00
    • Stacked with a juicy beef patty, melting Dolcelatte Blue Cheese, crispy onion rings, lettuce with a generous dollop of blue cheese dressing and Buffalo hot sauce, all packed into a soft glazed bun
  • Vanilla £4.00
    • Vanilla Shake made with real dairy ice-cream
  • Sprite £1.50
    • 330ml Can
  • BBQ Chicken Wings £5.00
    • Chicken wings tossed in sticky BBQ sauce
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake £4.50
    • Sticky chocolate fudge cake with a rich, dark chocolate sauce
  • Classic £5.00
    • Stacked with a juicy beef patty, sliced tomatoes, crunchy lettuce and a dollop of burger sauce, all packed into a soft glazed bun. A classic every time
  • Ham and Mature Cheddar Cheese Toastie
    • As you crunch in to our new toastie, you'll be greeted with tasty Bechamel sauce, sliced honey roast ham and Cheddar cheese. Toasted for you, there and then in our shops.
  • Cream Éclair
    • Made from a light and fluffy choux pastry, our Cream Éclair is filled with hand-piped cream, topped with a chocolate flavour icing.
  • Festive Bake
    • pieces of chicken breast, sage & onion stuffing and sweetcure bacon in a creamy sage and cranberry sauce. All encased in golden puff pastry with a crunchy crumb topping.
  • Veggie Breakfast Box V
    • Veggie Breakfast Box. Heinz Beans, cheese omelette and mini hash browns..
  • Fruit Medley
    • Fruit medley - a tasty mixture of melon, kiwi, apple and red grapes.
  • Roast Chicken Mayonnaise Baguette
    • We like to keep things simple. Just like our Roast Chicken Mayo Baguette. Handmade with chunks of Roast Chicken Breast, Mayonnaise and Fresh Salad Leaves, we let these tasty ingredients speak for themselves.
  • Baguette Platter
    • Tuna Crunch, Chicken Club, Ham and Cheese and Cheese Salad.
  • All Butter Croissant
    • Start your day the classy way, with a light and buttery croissant. Perfect for snacking on the go, or serving up with a continental breakfast, this French classic makes a tasty change from your usual boring toast (No offence, toast).
  • Pain Au Raisin V
    • French all butter Pain au Raisin, with 'crème pâtissière and raisin swirl.
  • Savoury Protein Mix V
    • A mix of baked and salted black and green soybeans and Fava beans, chilli, lime seasoning puffed chickpeas.
  • Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Chocolate Bar V
    • Extra dark chocolate bar filled with hazelnut cream and nibbed hazelnuts. A bespoke recipe for Caffè Nero made in the North Eastern region of Italy.
  • Raspberry & Amaretti Crumble Cake V
    • Juicy raspberries baked into a light sweet sponge finished with an Amaretti biscuit crumble.
  • Free Range Egg Sandwich V
    • Free range egg mayonnaise with slices of egg and cracked black pepper
  • Caramel Shortbread V
    • An all butter shortbread base, topped with our own recipe caramel, and a thick layer of Belgian chocolate.
  • Maple Pecan Pastry V
    • A glazed Danish pastry with a sweet maple syrup filling topped with pecan nuts.
  • Banana & Walnut Loaf Cake V
    • A light loaf cake made with fresh bananas a hint of cinnamon and a crushed walnut crumble.



92A Coronation Street, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY14QE ,




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92A Coronation Street, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY14QE ,
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