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Popular Menu Item Pakoras Pakoras There is no set rule for the ingredients of pakoras which are served as a starter or a snack with mango chutney or a fierce lime pickle. They do however, mainly consist of chopped onions, garam flour, herbs and spiced, but some versions use spinach, cheese, chillies, aubergines and even carrots. They are always vegetarian, but vary from restaurant to restaurant. Deep fried in hot oil, they can be crisp but other chefs prefer to serve them a little ‘fluffier’, in which case they can be called ‘pakodas’. Nepalese
Popular Menu Item Nepalese Fried Rice Nepalese Fried Rice Very much a staple diet of the Nepalese but made very special with a myriad of vegetables and spices mixed through the rice. It really is a main meal but it is not clear whether it originated in China or whether the Nepalese can claim it for themselves. The rice is fried in the pan first, and then cooked as normal before being drained and fried again with whatever vegetables, herbs and spices are being used. Can contain onions, peas, peppers, chilli, coriander and for sweetness a little cardamom and cinnamon. Sometimes served with the cinnamon sticks still in it. Some restaurants will serve Chicken and Fried Rice, but the traditional way is without any meat. Nepalese
Popular Menu Item Curried Vegetables Curried Vegetables A vast selection of vegetables are used in any Nepalese curried vegetable dish. But it is always the herbs and spices that make this dish so tasty. With the vegetables, the dish will always have an array of turmeric, cardamom, curry paste, coriander, cumin to make the vegetables sing. Potatoes are nearly always present, as are peas, green beens, a little fresh chilli and some form of greens such as cabbage or broccoli. Can be served on its own or with fried rice or part of the Nepalese Curry Platter. Nepalese
Popular Menu Item Stewed Fruit Stewed Fruit Nepalese version of stewed fruit can be apricots served with cardamom, almonds and yoghurt, and a special Nepalese sweet called ‘Jalebi’. Jalebi are deep fried coils of batter, that resemble pretzels as they are cooking, but after cooking they are steeped in a syrupy mixture, sometimes with lime or lemon to add acidity, but often more sweet substances such as rosewater. This dessert is very filling indeed. Nepalese
Popular Menu Item Momos Momos Most popular dish in Nepalese restaurants, these are small dumpling style buns, similar shapes to dim sum. The dough is very simply made of flour and water, cut into circles, with the fillings placed in the middle and the dumplings then folded in half to make crescent or ‘ear shapes’. Fillings are usually made of minced meat and spices, but some are vegetarian.They can be steamed or pan fried, but most popular is steaming, where the momos are steamed over a broth or soup, which is then served with the dumplings. The broth can be chicken or vegetables with herbs, each chef has their own variety. Beware of the dips that tend to get served with momos – the usual accompaniment is a yellow and red chilli sauce, which can be pretty fiery! Nepalese
Popular Menu Item Nepalese Curry Platter Nepalese Curry Platter A great way to dine out with friends or family. A whole set meal of various curries is laid out in bowls with selections of dips and flat breads for you to choose. Comprises dishes such as goat curry and minced meat curries, along with vegetarian dishes such as spiced cauliflower and aubergine, hot spiced green beans and potatoes, mushroom and vegetable rice, and usually some starter dishes as well. There is something for everyone who likes curry and spices. Nepalese
Popular Menu Item Iced Tea Iced Tea A very popular drink in Nepalese restaurants, the tea having a distinctly different taste to normal tea, in that is is often made with a cardamom water or even with rosewater, to make it quite sweet. Mint tea is also served to freshen the palate after a curry platter. Lemon is normally served on the side of the plate to give more acidity and cut through the sweet tea. Nepalese
Popular Menu Item Kaghatipani Kaghatipani Whilst Nepalese do serve alcoholic drinks, soft fresh drinks are much more popular, or yoghurt based drinks. Soda water is served with fresh lemon and lime juice squeezed into the water and slices around the glass. Very simple but very refreshing. Nepalese

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