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Popular Menu Item Crispy Chicken Burger Crispy Chicken Burger Very popular as opposed to the normal hamburger, these come in a variety of styles. Some have a crispy breadcrumb coating, and other will just be the chicken breast, marinated and then fried on the griddle. The Cajun chicken burger is probably the most favourite choice, it is coated in Cajun spices and has a bit of a kick. Served in a bun with lettuce and tomato, and served with coleslaw or bbq sauce and chips. Hamburgers, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Fries or Chips Fries or Chips Still predominant on menus, chips or fries are served in so many different ways now. Fat chips or skinny fries, curly fries, straight cut or skin-on wedges are all served with various meals or on their own. Some of the fries are served just salted, but others are seasoned with spices such as Cajun, to make them that little bit hotter. Usually served with dips or sauces such as barbecue sauce, ranch dressing or just plain tomato sauce. American, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Nepalese Curry Platter Nepalese Curry Platter A great way to dine out with friends or family. A whole set meal of various curries is laid out in bowls with selections of dips and flat breads for you to choose. Comprises dishes such as goat curry and minced meat curries, along with vegetarian dishes such as spiced cauliflower and aubergine, hot spiced green beans and potatoes, mushroom and vegetable rice, and usually some starter dishes as well. There is something for everyone who likes curry and spices. Nepalese
Popular Menu Item Hot Sausage Roll Hot Sausage Roll Usually a queue at the hot counter, everyone loves hot sausage rolls for a mid morning snack or part of your lunch. Soft melt in the mouth pastry with well-seasoned sausage meat is a British institution. There is always a good pie and sausage roll section in bakeries, also serving hot soups to takeaway or eat in. Bakery, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Cod & Chips Cod & Chips What would the UK be without fish and chip shops! Everywhere in every town you will find this ubiquitous eatery. Cod and Chips is probably the most well known eat-in or takeaway dish, served with huge pickled onions, gherkins and mushy peas! Lashings of salt and vinegar are the usual accompaniment, although all other sauces are provided. The fish is always in batter, not in breadcrumbs and served with a mound of big fat chips, are all deep fried. Eat in or takeaway available at most restaurants. Fish & Chips, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Scampi and Chips Scampi and Chips If you don’t like batter, scampi and chips is a good option, as this is normally cooked in breadcrumbs, but still deep-fried. Scampi tails are generally used and vary in size but do taste nice and juicy. Accompanied by big fat chips, lemon, tartare sauce and a side salad, it is quite a filling meal. Fish & Chips, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Plaice and Chips Plaice and Chips Another great favourite of the British nation, plaice is a much softer, flatter fish but with a lovely delicate flavour. Interestingly, plaice is always cooked to order, whereas other fish is seen sitting in the hot cabinets above the fryers, so if you are having a takeway, there will be a wait! Served with fat chips, lemon, peas and tartare sauce. Fish & Chips, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Saveloy Saveloy A bright reddish coloured sausage,similar to a large hot dog, but with a much spicier taste but quite soft interior. Very delicious and served with chips as normal. Some fish and chip shops offer a soft long roll with the meal. Sometimes the saveloy is dipped in batter and fried as well, and is called a ‘battered sausage’ on the menu. Fish & Chips, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Pepperoni Pizza Pepperoni Pizza Probably the most popular pizza, four varieties of crusts – thin, deep pan, frankfurter stuffed and cheese stuffed! A base of rich tomato sauce is applied before the cheese and pepperoni, and then baked in a pizza oven. The frankfurter stuffed crusts have only been introduced in the last year and have mixed reviews. Pizza & Pasta, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Cheese and Bacon Burger Cheese and Bacon Burger Probably one of the most popular burgers with the addition of crispy bacon and cheddar cheese. Usually served in a seeded bun with lettuce, tomato and onion and accompanied by skinny chips or fries. Quarter-pounder is the norm, but you can often get deals for a double! Hamburgers, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Spicy Jalapeno Burger Spicy Jalapeno Burger Not for the fainthearted! 100% beef content in this burger, topped with a very spicy chilli-style sauce, sliced mega-hot jalapenos, lettuce, diced chillis,tomatoes, cheese slices and crispy onion rings, all in one bun! Some restaurants will offer you a free drink if you promise not to sweat! Extremely popular, particularly with the young braves! Served with chips and extra sauce, if you can take it. Hamburgers, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Fried Rice Fried Rice ‘Kao Pad’ is the name of this dish which has a basis of seasoned fried rice, but is a box of delights when you start to eat into it and find its hidden secrets. Beautiful fresh herbs such as Thai basil and coriander are combined with shrimp, chicken, garlic, tomatoes and egg. Usually served with chilli sauce. Some restaurants serve the dish on banana leaves. Thai, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Burgers Burgers What is an American restaurant without burgers? Every US café and restaurant in the UK will serve burgers and plenty of different varieties and toppings. Usually come with bacon, cheese, barbeque sauce, jalapenos, lettuce and tomatoes inside a seeded bun. Other varieties include chilli burgers (served with minced beef) ranch burgers served with blue cheese and Italian burgers served with crisped up pancetta and mozzarella. Side dishes are usually fries and salads. American, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Kebabs Kebabs Turkish kebabs come in two ways – Adana, which is a large elongated meatball with a variety of spices and herbs and usually served with salad, thin flat bread and rice. The other is Testi, which is almost like a meat and vegetable stew, baked in a sealed clay pot which is brought to the table and cracked open. The waiter will then pour the stew on to your plates. The meat is incredibly tender from the onions, peppers and spices forming natural juices. Turkish, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Lahmacun or Pide Lahmacun or Pide This is the Turkish equivalent to Pizza! However, they are always served thin and crisp, no deep pan pizzas! There is usually a vast array of toppings but the most popular still remains cheese, onion and tomato, or a fine spiced minced beef and onion with peppers and tomatoes. Usually served with a good portion of salad. Turkish, Pizza & Pasta, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Pakoras Pakoras There is no set rule for the ingredients of pakoras which are served as a starter or a snack with mango chutney or a fierce lime pickle. They do however, mainly consist of chopped onions, garam flour, herbs and spiced, but some versions use spinach, cheese, chillies, aubergines and even carrots. They are always vegetarian, but vary from restaurant to restaurant. Deep fried in hot oil, they can be crisp but other chefs prefer to serve them a little ‘fluffier’, in which case they can be called ‘pakodas’. Nepalese
Popular Menu Item Momos Momos Most popular dish in Nepalese restaurants, these are small dumpling style buns, similar shapes to dim sum. The dough is very simply made of flour and water, cut into circles, with the fillings placed in the middle and the dumplings then folded in half to make crescent or ‘ear shapes’. Fillings are usually made of minced meat and spices, but some are vegetarian.They can be steamed or pan fried, but most popular is steaming, where the momos are steamed over a broth or soup, which is then served with the dumplings. The broth can be chicken or vegetables with herbs, each chef has their own variety. Beware of the dips that tend to get served with momos – the usual accompaniment is a yellow and red chilli sauce, which can be pretty fiery! Nepalese
Popular Menu Item Stewed Fruit Stewed Fruit Nepalese version of stewed fruit can be apricots served with cardamom, almonds and yoghurt, and a special Nepalese sweet called ‘Jalebi’. Jalebi are deep fried coils of batter, that resemble pretzels as they are cooking, but after cooking they are steeped in a syrupy mixture, sometimes with lime or lemon to add acidity, but often more sweet substances such as rosewater. This dessert is very filling indeed. Nepalese
Popular Menu Item Nepalese Fried Rice Nepalese Fried Rice Very much a staple diet of the Nepalese but made very special with a myriad of vegetables and spices mixed through the rice. It really is a main meal but it is not clear whether it originated in China or whether the Nepalese can claim it for themselves. The rice is fried in the pan first, and then cooked as normal before being drained and fried again with whatever vegetables, herbs and spices are being used. Can contain onions, peas, peppers, chilli, coriander and for sweetness a little cardamom and cinnamon. Sometimes served with the cinnamon sticks still in it. Some restaurants will serve Chicken and Fried Rice, but the traditional way is without any meat. Nepalese
Popular Menu Item Curried Vegetables Curried Vegetables A vast selection of vegetables are used in any Nepalese curried vegetable dish. But it is always the herbs and spices that make this dish so tasty. With the vegetables, the dish will always have an array of turmeric, cardamom, curry paste, coriander, cumin to make the vegetables sing. Potatoes are nearly always present, as are peas, green beens, a little fresh chilli and some form of greens such as cabbage or broccoli. Can be served on its own or with fried rice or part of the Nepalese Curry Platter. Nepalese
Popular Menu Item Sandwiches Sandwiches Takeaway sandwiches are popular particularly at lunchtime and can be purchased in many places in the UK. Sandwich shops are obviously a good place to go, as they will tend to offer a bigger selection of fillings and different kinds of bread and rolls, than the supermarkets do. Toasted sandwiches are also available to takeaway, particularly cheese and ham mixed together. Sandwiches can be simple or very sophisticated, with top sandwich shops such as Pret a Manger, offering exotic flavours and combinations such as Crayfish and Rocket with lime mayonnaise, voted their most popular sandwich a few years ago. Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Fish and Chips Fish and Chips Probably one of the most popular takeaways even now with the British public, fish and chips shops are a ‘Friday night treat’ particularly for families. A selection of fish such as plaice, cod and fishcakes are made available, with ‘fat’ chips. On the counter will be large jars of pickled onions and pickled eggs, as well as huge gherkins to add to your meal. There will also be sausages, a selection of pies and saveloys to choose from. Some Chinese restaurants in the UK ‘double up’ as fish and chips shops, so that you can get a one stop shop! Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Chinese Chinese Every major town is full of Chinese takeaways, a quick and satisfying way of getting a meal without having to wait too long. There is always a big selection of Chinese dishes to choose from, but sweet and sour chicken or sweet and sour pork balls still remain one of the favourites, particularly with egg fried rice. Some Chinese restaurants will also serve a selection of Thai dishes so you can combine both cuisines. Because of the fierce competition, a lot of Chinese takeaways are now offering delivery service to your door, even to hotels! Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Indian Indian Same as Chinese, Indian takeaways are prevalent in every city in the UK, and there can be several within a short distance of each other. Big selection of food, restaurants are offering deals for a package meal or set menu, and often offering 2 for 1 or get the 3rd dish free. Onion bhajis are a popular takeaway starter, with chicken tikka massala probably the most popular main course, being mild to medium strength and with a strong coconut influence. Pilau rice remains the favourite rice to choose. Some restaurants offer a free bag of poppadums as well, accompanied by a raita or a mint dip. Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Pizza Pizza Takeaway pizzas are of course popular, and during the week there are a multitude of deals to be had. Pepperoni pizza is one of the most popular ones, but most varieties still sell well. Can be thin crust, stuffed crust (frankfurter or cheese stuffed) or deep pan, and your choice of toppings. You can mix and match the toppings as you wish. 2 for 1 deals readily available, along with free garlic dough balls or garlic bread. Curly fries or potato wedges will also be on offer and a selection of dips to go with them. Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Kebabs Kebabs Kebabs are a well know ‘after pub’ meal, either from takeaway shops or indeed, the multitude of vans that park outside pubs and along the roads, waiting to catch those who may have had an excess of alcohol, particularly at the weekends! The unmistakable smell of kebabs wafts through the air on Friday and Saturday nights, attracting queues of people! Kebabs can be sliced off the huge pieces of lamb that are suspended on a metal skewer, or served in chunks inside a pitta bread with salad and onions. Chicken kebabs are also served, and there will be an array of sauces to accompany the meal. Beware of the hot sauce, it is very hot! You can also buy burgers, chicken nuggets and chips from these takeaways!f Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Pinot Grigio Pinot Grigio Classic white Italian wine, normally top of the list in all pizzerias. Very dry white wine with slight fruity overtones, there are normally a few varieties available, including New World grapes. Often used as the ‘house wine’ Italian, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Fizzy Fizzy Most diner-style hamburger restaurants offer ‘as much as you can drink’ Coca Cola pumps where you can help yourself, usually drank out of coated large paper cups. This tends to be in chain restaurants, and not individual restaurants, where all drinks are served at the table. Huge varieties of fizzy drinks are normally available, mostly behind the bar, such as Sprite, Dr Peppers and Club Soda. Hamburgers, Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Iced Tea Iced Tea A very popular drink in Nepalese restaurants, the tea having a distinctly different taste to normal tea, in that is is often made with a cardamom water or even with rosewater, to make it quite sweet. Mint tea is also served to freshen the palate after a curry platter. Lemon is normally served on the side of the plate to give more acidity and cut through the sweet tea. Nepalese
Popular Menu Item Kaghatipani Kaghatipani Whilst Nepalese do serve alcoholic drinks, soft fresh drinks are much more popular, or yoghurt based drinks. Soda water is served with fresh lemon and lime juice squeezed into the water and slices around the glass. Very simple but very refreshing. Nepalese
Popular Menu Item Soft Drinks Soft Drinks Plenty of soft drinks are on offer such as coke, lemonade, orangeade and fizzy tropical juice drinks, as well as cartons of orange juice and a few sports or fitness drinks. Bottled water, both still and fizzy will be in the refrigerated cabinets. A lot of takeaways, particularly pizza houses will offer a deal on drinks as well, such a free litre of coca cola with every takeaway. Takeaway Food
Popular Menu Item Hot Beverages Hot Beverages These can be purchased in thermal cups, more particularly from food vans that are all over the streets in major cities, particularly late at night. Due to the fact that takeaways do not have alcohol licences, there really is not much choice of any drinks other than fizzy drinks and hot beverages such as tea or coffee. Soup is available in sandwich shops and some supermarkets, as are coffee machines in garages, supermarkets and major travel destinations such as railway stations. Takeaway Food

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