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Grubbs Diner in Middlesbrough has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Desperados or Brooklyn Naranjito from Chiquito. Three Horseshoes offers many options including Roasted Vegetable Tagliatelle with a Parmesan Crumb and Traditional Lasagne with a Mixed Salad. Dixy Fried Chicken includes a wide range like Chocolate ring doughnut or 1 pc plus 3 Sizzler Wings or 2 Chicken Strips & small fries. Koko Kanu Coconut Rum and Appleton's Signature Rum 70cl from . Turtle Bay offers Ann's Pantry and - Baked banana soaked in rum.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Sharing The G.O.A.T. (V) £19.89
    • Tomato sauce, mozzarella, spinach, goats' cheese, caramelised onions, red onions, tomatoes & balsamic drizzle
  • Vegan Deal for 3 £28.99
    • Any two Vegan Sharing Pan / Thin Pizza+ Any two Vegan sides + Any 1.5L Drink
  • Apple and Raspberry J20 (275ml) £2.89
  • Cheesy Triangles (V) £5.19
  • Sharing Epic Meat Feast £21.29
    • Triple cheese blend, shaved steak, paprika pulled chicken, pepperoni & ham.
  • Sharing Veggie Pepperphoni (V) £18.89
    • Tomato sauce, mozzarella, meat-free pepperphoni
  • Individual Hot 'N' Spicy Veg (V) 🌶 £11.89
    • Tomato sauce, triple cheese blend, flame roasted peppers & onions, peppers, jalapenos, red onion & Hut House seasoning
  • Garlic Bread (V) £3.89
  • Seasonal Vegetables £3.00
  • Chocolate Brownie £5.00
    • With creme anglais and vanilla ice cream.
  • Sauvignon Blanc-Alma De Chile (2), Chile £16.00
  • Penne Pomodoro £8.50
    • Cherry tomatoes, parmesan, garlic, basil, tomato sauce.
  • Baby Prosecco-Gancia (2), Italy £6.95
  • Pinot Grigio-Jack Rabbit (2), Italy £14.95
  • Calzone £9.50
    • The folded one. Sundried tomatoes, chicken, chorizo, garlic.
  • Tagliatelle Carbonara £9.50
    • Bacon, shallots, parmesan, cream.
  • Individual Veggie Pepperphoni (V) £11.29
    • Tomato sauce, mozzarella, meat-free pepperphoni
  • Margherita (V) £16.79
    • Tomato sauce, mozzarella
  • Sharing - 2 Toppings £20.49
  • Cream Soda (355ml Bottle) £3.59
    • Virgil's American Sodas
  • Deal for Four+ £33.99
    • Any 2 sharing pan or thin pizzas + any 2 sides, + 2 Cookie doughs, + 1 bottled drink.
  • BBQ Americano £12.39
    • BBQ sauce, mozzarella, chicken breast, bacon, sweetcorn & BBQ drizzle
  • BBQ Jack 'N' Cheese (V) £11.49
    • Tomato sauce, mozzarella, BBQ jackfruit, peppers, red onions, sweetcorn & BBQ drizzle
  • Garlic Bread (V) £3.99
  • Caramel Shortbread V
    • An all butter shortbread base, topped with our own recipe caramel, and a thick layer of Belgian chocolate.
  • Almond Biscotti V
    • A twice-baked crunchy Italian biscuit containing almonds.
  • Tuna, Red Pepper & Rocket Sandwich
    • Tuna & horseradish mayonnaise with red pepper and rocket on malted bread.
  • Raspberry Conserve V, Gf
    • An individual jar of raspberry conserve. Ideal for scones or for stirring into porridge.
  • Ginger Spiced Vegan Loaf Cake V, Vg
    • A sticky ginger spiced vegan loaf cake, topped with white fondant icing and golden ginger pieces.
  • Honey V, Gf
    • An individal jar of honey. Ideal for stirring into your porridge.
  • Pork & Pancetta Sausage Roll
    • British pork mince with Italian pancetta in all butter puff pastry hand-topped with a paprika and pork crackling sprinkle.
  • Fruit Teacake V, Vg
    • A rich fruit vegan teacake with sultanas, raisins and cranberries. Even more delicious toasted with margarine or butter.
  • Spiced Poppadoms £0.80
  • Sabzi Niramix Seasonal vegetables. cooked with cumin seeds. mustard seeds. onion seeds. fenugreek seeds and poppy seeds. -
  • Golda Chilli Roshoon Highly spiced king prawns cooked in pungent garlic and onionsand crowned with freshly chopped cilantro and chillies. Hot £12.90
  • Mix Kebab A selection of assorted starters for individuals. £4.50
  • Chicken Tikka £8.90
  • Duck Tikka £9.90
  • Boti Tikka Lean pieces of spring lamb marinated in cream and stone ground cumin plunged in the tandoor and finished with a hint of garlic and nutmeg. £3.90
  • King Prawn £10.90
  • Prawn Pathia £5.50
    • Sweet sour and hot.
  • Vegetable Madras £5.50
    • A South Indian version of the dishes found in Central and Eastern Indian, having a greater proportion of garam spices which lend a fiery taste to its richness.
  • Roshni Haash £7.95
    • Bhuna type of curry, cooked with specially prepared spices with generous use of garlic, green peppers and fresh herbs.
  • King Prawn Palak £6.95
    • Similar to bhuna dishes except spinach is added and also a fair amount of garlic, hot green peppers are used to balance the combination.
  • Kabli Gosht £5.50
    • Undoubtedly the most popular dish in the sub continent, originates from Kabul in Afghanistan. Meat cooked with chickpeas and special blend of medium hot spices gently cooked until quite dry.
  • Sag Gosht £5.50
    • Similar to bhuna dishes except spinach is added and also a fair amount of garlic, hot green peppers are used balance the combination.
  • Boiled Rice £2.50
  • Chicken Pathia £5.50
    • Cooked with lots of tomatoes, lentils, ginger, ground herbs in a thick, fairly hot sweet and sour sauce.

Grubbs Diner


57 Newport Road, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, TS11LB ,




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57 Newport Road, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, TS11LB ,
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