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Spice Lounge Restaurants (sample menu)
Jeera Rice - Plain rice cooked with cumin seed. N/A
Dal Bukhara - What makes this dish extra tasty is the rich lentils that are marinated overnight on charcoal & cooked in butter, fresh tomato puree & cream then served with a touch of coriander leaves. N/A
Laccha Paratha - Flaky whole wheat unleavened bread. N/A
Prawn Gulnaar - King prawns are soaked in vinegar & lemon juice, cooked with tomato & onion massala sauce. Capsicums and drops of lemon juice are added, and then garnished with coriander & ginger N/A
Bulsari Salmon - Tender pieces of salmon is marinated with honey, almond powder, fresh dill & spices. Cooked with onion, mixed peppers & tomatoes in the clay oven. The dish is then served on a platter N/A
Sunehra Jhinga - Shrimp is gently stir-fried with baby corn, beans, mustard seed & grinded coconut in diced onion and tomato sauce, green pepper, finally sprinkled with fresh curry leaves when served. N/A
Kandhari Kebab - Fine minced lamb seasoned with aromatic Indian herbs & spices, then skewered & cooked in charcoal oven, served with a sprinkle of fresh coriander & mint sauce. N/A
Talichire Squid - Rings of squid is fried with butter, selected homemade Indian herbs & delicate spices, tossed in mixed salad leaves and dressed with olive oil. N/A
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Popular Menu Items
Image Name Description Cuisines
Popular Menu Item Salad Bar Salad Bar Predominant in most health bars, there is normally a large array of salads available from plain ones to more unusual or exotic mixes. Displayed in front of you in a cool cabinet, you can pick and choose what you want, generally for a fixed price. You can also add cold meats, fish and low calorie items such as cottage cheese. Coleslaw, potato salad, waldorf salad, florida salad are among some of the normal choices, along with a selection of low fat dressings. Health Bar, Salad
Popular Menu Item Vegetable Sushi Vegetable Sushi These are sold to promote a healthy meal or snack to customers and are usually the prewrapped selection. Matchstick and julienned vegetables are wrapped sometimes with beanshoots and other times with sticky rice and served with a choice of dips such as raw honey and soy, sweet chilli and a simple low fat mayonnaise. A variety of seaweeds are also used. Health Bar
Popular Menu Item Seafood Platter Seafood Platter Seafood platters are regularly served in health bars and consist of prawns, lobster, smoked salmon, tuna with salad garnish Commonly served on a bed of ice with parsley and lemon and a finger bowl or wet wipe to clean up afterwards! Health Bar
Popular Menu Item Fruit Fruit You will usually find a selection of standard fresh fruit available such as apples, bananas, oranges – but also there will frequently be a large bowl of fresh fruit salad with yoghurts. The fruit salad is put into a plastic or polystyrene container to take away, with a carton of yoghurt of your choice and a plastic spoon. Health Bar, Sandwich Bar, Salad
Popular Menu Item Wraps Wraps Probably one of the most popular choices for a quick lunch or snack are the selection of wraps normally available. Fresh ingredients always used, fillings consist of prawn, chicken, crab, lobster and totally vegetarian. Always with a crisp salad garnish, the wraps are usually available in white, rye or wholewheat. Health Bar, Sandwich Bar
Popular Menu Item Grilled Chicken Grilled Chicken Always a favourite in health bars, due to its low fat content and versatility. Generally served with a mixed salad (or a helping from the salad bar) it is usually cooked oil-free on a grill, sometimes with seasoning, sometimes as a Cajun version. It is often ‘butterflied’ and cooked with a fresh herb marinade. Dry baked slices of potatoes can also be an accompaniment. Health Bar
Popular Menu Item Grilled Chicken Grilled Chicken Always a favourite in health bars, due to its low fat content and versatility. Generally served with a mixed salad (or a helping from the salad bar) it is usually cooked oil-free on a grill, sometimes with seasoning, sometimes as a Cajun version. It is often ‘butterflied’ and cooked with a fresh herb marinade. Dry baked slices of potatoes can also be an accompaniment. Health Bar
Popular Menu Item Soup Soup Juice bars now tend to serve soups, or soup of the day, mainly healthy and to attract more lunchtime diners who want a little more substance to their meals. Popular will always be fresh tomato and basil with mixed vegetable and wild mushroom soup being close contenders. Served from big tureens, can be eaten in or takeaway in thermal plastic cups. Delicious bread is also always available as are croutons to sprinkle on the top. Juice
Popular Menu Item Salad Salad A variety of salads will always be available in juice bars to accompany your healthy drink. Most popular are goats cheese salads, poached chicken salad, and just a combination of all the salads laid out in various containers at the salad bar. Can be eaten in, but also taken away in see-through plastic containers and cutlery, with sealable lids. Juice
Popular Menu Item Smoothies Smoothies Every health bar has a big selection of smoothies available, and some use alternative milks, such as almond milk to produce healthier drinks. Always served with copious fruit content, they tend to be the softer fruits such as berries, bananas, peaches etc. Health Bar
Popular Menu Item Fresh Juices Fresh Juices Some health bars have up to 50 juices available which are sometimes made in front of you at the counter using a large juicing machine or a ‘presse’ machine. Not just fruit, but vegetables and protein powders are often included, or nuts and seeds as well as wheatgerm. There are also, of course, the usual plain traditional juices such as orange readily available. Health Bar
Popular Menu Item Smoothie Smoothie Served in juice bars throughout the UK, the variety of smoothies is now incredible, some made purely for health reasons, and some just because they taste good! The most popular smoothies are still the mixed berry type, but more popular by the minute are kiwi and pomegranate, due to them being heralded as ‘super foods’. Juice
Popular Menu Item Carrot Juice Carrot Juice Current trends list the carrot juice as one of the most popular juices, sometimes combined with orange. Red carrot juice has started to arrive in juice bars, as well as purple carrot juice, supposedly having more healthy properties than the standard orange carrot. Usually served with a lot of seasoning such as pepper and oriental herbs like coriander and cumin, to spice up the flavour. Juice
Popular Menu Item Green Juice Green Juice Promoted as the healthiest juice, and the best kick start to a day, this juice normally has prime position on juice bar menus. Made from freshly juice green leaf vegetables such as cabbage, kale, broccoli, lettuce, etc., with added herbs and spices, it is considered to be a magic potion! Not to everyone’s taste, but if you are into juices and believe in its health benefits, this is the one for you. A kick of ginger and fresh lemon juice is often added to. Juice
Popular Menu Item Beetroot Juice Beetroot Juice Another superfood juice ranking high in the list and frequently served with apple or carrots or both. A lovely rich colour and a bonus if you like beetroot. Sometimes served with a small touch of honey to sweeten it a little as this combines well with beetroot. Juice
Popular Menu Item Cranberry Pitcher Cranberry Pitcher Cranberry is very popular as a juice, slightly acidic and sharp but a welcome choice on a menu. Some juice bars serve pitchers between 2 or 4 which is more economical for parties. On festive occasions, like Christmas, there are set menus which will include a turkey salad with pitchers of cranberry or turkey wraps with salad, homemade pickled vegetables and a pitcher of juice. Juice

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Restaurant Details

Tunbridge Wells
Takeaway Food
Counter Service
01892 514 00
Royal Victoria Place, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN12SR ,
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Health Bar, Juice

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