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Express Net Cafe in Wimbledon has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Strawberry Ribena or Black Ribena from Crystal. Ekin Restaurant offers many options including Orange Juice and Still Water. Farmstand includes a wide range like Crate Cider (4.7%) (330ml) (Can) or Crate Pale Ale (G) (4.5%) (330ml) (Can). Water and Ginger Ale from . Al Masar offers Chilangos and Brewdog Dead Pony.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Traditional Greek "Avgolemono" Soup (GF) £12.50
    • Chicken, lemon and rice.
  • 2-Courses (For 2 Persons) £90.00
    • To start: houmous (df) (gf), taramosalata (df), tzatziki (gf), Cypriot halloumi cheese (gf), crispy calamari, spanakopita, keftedes, pamies (gf) (df), dolmades (gf) (df), grilled king prawns (gf), heritage beetroot salad (df) (n). Followed by: chicken/lamb souvlaki skewers (gf).
  • Coke £4.00
  • Grilled Breast of Chicken (GF) £24.00
    • Butterflied and marinated in yoghurt, lemon and black pepper, with wild rocket salad and a side of houmous.
  • Grilled Cypriot Village Beef Sausages (GF, DF) £9.50
    • With red onion marmalade.
  • Kleftiko (GF, DF) £26.00
    • Slow-cooked lamb shoulder, spiced with oregano & bay leaves, served with potatoes & braised onion.
  • Grilled Asparagus £6.00
  • Grilled Fillet of Salmon (GF, DF) £26.00
    • With spanakorizo (spinach rice).
  • Large Garlic Pizza Bread with Gorgonzola £7.90
    • Topped with balsamic onions
  • NEW Spicy Pizza Bites (V) £5.25
    • Baked dough, filled with garlic, Italian cheese, and a kick of chilli, served with garlic dip. Vegetarian
  • NEW Garlic Bread with Balsamic Onions & Mozzarella (V) £5.50
    • Pizza bread topped with garlic, sweet balsamic onions and mozzarella. Vegetarian. Gluten free option available
  • J20 Orange & Passion Fruit 275ml £3.10
  • Penne Arrabbiata & Chicken £11.10
    • In a garlic pomodoro sauce with a kick of chilli. Gluten free option available
  • Caprese Salad (V) (GF) £6.15
    • Tomato and creamy burrata cheese with basil pesto and balsamic glaze. Vegetarian. Gluten free
  • Classic Caesar Salad £8.80
    • With tomato and a boiled egg in a Caesar dressing, served with garlic bread. Gluten free option available
  • Pizza Bites (V) £4.75
    • Baked dough, filled with our signature pizza sauce and Italian cheese, served with garlic dip. Vegetarian
  • Torpedo Stick £3.30
  • Vanilla Doughnut £4.00
  • St John Bib Blanc 2018, Languedoc £53.00
  • Chocolate Doughnut £4.00
  • White Loaf (800g) £5.45
  • White Loaf (400g) £2.85
  • Raspberry Doughnut £4.00
  • St John Claret 2017 £20.00
  • Whole Crispy Soft Shell Crab £9.99
    • 4 pieces / 8 pieces.
  • Kimchi Cha Han £8.49
  • Sake Japanese 180ml £9.99
  • Seafood Noodle Soup (Large) £9.99
    • With ramen (thin noodle) / with udon (thick noodle).
  • Yaki Soba Noodles £9.49
    • With vegetables (v) / with chicken / with prawn / with duck / with mix seafood.
  • Tsing Tao 330ml Bottle - China £4.49
  • Duck Gyoza £7.99
  • Red Bull £2.49
  • Palak (V) (GF) £7.00
    • Spinach and kabuli chick peas, cooked with cumin, chilli and ginger, onions, crushed peanuts and golden rasins. (Nut free option).
  • Papdi Chaat (V) (S) (GF) £6.00
    • A medley of coriander, onions, pomegranate, our date and tamarind sauce and fresh raita. Black chick peas cooked with arjwain and laid on top of crunchy chora fali ribbons together create savoury, spicy. sweet flavours and exciting textures.
  • Kachumber (V) (GF) £3.50
    • A fresh salad of cucumber, tomato, onion, mustard seeds, coriander & lemon juice.
  • Papad (V) (S) £2.00
    • Poppadoms made with urad dhal. (For two).
  • Raita (GF) £1.50
    • Cooling voghurt with grated cucumber, mustard seeds and lemon juice. (Vegan option).
  • Idily Sambar (V) (GF) £7.00
    • Steamed rice cakes served in a sambar with coconut, curry leaves, peanuts and kokum. With finely sliced cabbage, carrot, capsicum and apple, sauteed with mustard seeds, turmeric and chilli. Served with toasted coconut and yoghurt. (Nut free option).
  • Chunna Ne Dhal (V) (S) (GF) £4.50
    • Chickpeas cooked with tempered spices, garlic, and a green gourde called a dhoodi.
  • Lapsi (V) £5.00
    • Broken wheat toasted in coconut oil, then cooked with coconut cream, cardamon, jaggery & fennel.
  • Rezzella £12.95
    • Marinated chicken or lamb garnished with spring onion, coriander & green chilli.
  • Balti Chicken £12.95
  • Duck Hyderabadi £14.95
  • Chana Chaat £5.95
  • Chicken Tikka £13.95
  • Garlic Rice £5.50
  • Chicken £13.95
  • Lamb Shashlik £14.95

Express Net Cafe


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108 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London, SW191RH ,
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