Dixy Chicken in Leeds Menu

  • Chocolate ring doughnut N/A
Mini Combo box
  • 1 pc plus 3 Sizzler Wings or 2 Chicken Strips & small fries N/A
  • Cobette N/A
  • Coleslaw / Beans N/A
  • Pepsi 1.5ltr bottle N/A
  • Mineral Water 500ml N/A
  • Robinsons Fruit Shoot - Orange & Peach / Apple Blackcurrant N/A
  • Tropicana Orange Juice 250 ml N/A
  • Drinks - Carbonated N/A
  • Heinz dips - Tomato or BBQ N/A
  • Hash brown N/A
  • Fries N/A
  • Salad Dressing N/A
  • Grilled Chicken Salad (mild/hot) with dressing N/A
  • Plain Salad N/A
Chicken Tortilla Wraps
  • Chicken Rolo N/A
  • Chicken Shawarma N/A
  • Add Cheese N/A
  • Mini Fillet Burger N/A
  • Fish Burger N/A
  • Spicy Bean Burger N/A
  • Chicken Fillet / Sizzler Burger N/A
  • Chicken Supreme Fillet / Sizzler Burger N/A
  • Grilled Tikka Burger N/A
  • Mega Mix Chicken Burger N/A
  • Chicken Bites N/A
  • Sizzler Wings meal N/A
  • Sizzler Wings N/A
  • Chicken Strips (& Dip) N/A
  • Classic Recipe Chicken N/A

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Chilli Garlic Chicken Karahi £7.90
  • Full Peri Peri Chicken on Naan £7.50
    • Served with salad & sauce.
  • Keema Pathia (Sour & Hot) £5.60
  • Egg Fried Rice £2.60
  • Garlic Sausage £5.50
    • Garlic sausage & herbs.
  • Adams Special Nan Kebab £6.90
    • Donner, chicken tikka, seekh & shami.
  • American Burger £3.50
  • Vegetable Balti £6.90
  • Donner Meat & Chips £5.50
  • Coca-cola 0.33l £1.00
  • Cajun Chips With Cheese £2.20
  • Hot & Spicy Pizza (spicy) £8.70
    • Chilli sauce, pepperoni, peppers, mushroom, jalapenos, chilli flakes
  • Flavour Gateau Cake £2.90
  • Veggie Wrap £3.80
    • Served with salad, hash brown & my house mayo.
  • Strawberry Milkshake £3.20
  • Jalapeno Cheese Balls £3.20
    • Includes dip.
  • 18 Tom Yam (VG) £5.85
    • Spicy hot sour soup combining the flavours of lemongrass, galangal, coriander, lime leaves, chillies & mushrooms.
  • 2 Poh Pia Pak (VG) £4.45
    • Thai vegan spring rolls, with extra vegetable filling, served with a sweet chilli dip.
  • Lotus (For 2 People Minimum) (VG) £33.20
    • *Saving of £7.80* APPETISERS: Pak Tod (vegetables in batter), Tod Man Khao Pode (sweetcorn patties). MAIN COURSE: Panaeng Dao Hu (creamy Thai curry with tofu), Mamuang Himmaparn Pak (spicy veg stir fry with cashew nuts & dried chillies), Pad Pak Ruam Mit (stir fried mixed veg with soy sauce) & Khao Suay (Thai fragrant rice).
  • 92 Pad Prik Gaeng (VG) £9.65
    • Very spicy dish flavoured with red chilli paste, green beans, bamboo shoots, sweet basil, red & green peppers.
  • Water (500ml) £1.25
  • 706 Pad Nam Prik Pao (VG) £9.65
    • Fairly spicy stir fried dish cooked with Thai herbs, red & green peppers & onions, with mixed fresh vegetables.
  • 686 Gaeng Pa (VG) £10.15
    • "Jungle Curry". Very spicy dish, cooked with red curry paste, holy basil, bamboo shoots, red & green peppers.
  • 9 Dao Hu Tod (VG) £4.45
    • Deep fried tofu pieces served with sweet chilli & peanut dipping sauce.
  • Nachos - Pulled BBQ Pork Served with melted Monterey Jack cheese, jalapenos, sour cream & fresh homemade avocado & tomato salsas £8.25
  • They are served with baby gem lettuce, sliced beef tomato, red onion and fries. Upgrade to curly fries, our favourite chunky chips or sweet potato fries for £1. Add an extra burger for £2.50! -
  • Caveman Salad Chargilled sliced steak on a mixed leaf, cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion and roast pepper salad, drizzled lightly with balsamic dressing (LF) (GI) £9.50
  • Veggie Breakfast Linda McCartney sausages, eggs (either scrambled or fried), hash browns, beans, mushrooms and tomato with hand sliced toast £6.50
  • Zidane Meatballs, pulled pork, chorizo, pepperoni, bacon, cajun chicken, red onions & Monterey Jack cheese on BBQ base £8.25
  • Spicy Beef Burrito Mexican style beef chilli with melted Monterey Jack cheese served in a warm tortilla, topped with sour cream and homemade avocado & tomato salsas. Served with rice £8.50
  • Each hotdog is served in a bun with baby gem & blackened sweet onions and served with house fries. Upgrade to curly fries, our favourite chunky chips or sweet potato fries for £1 -
  • Wings Of Fury Do you think you’re up for the challenge? Ask for more details £8.50
  • Dinner Set Meal F For 4 People (5 Courses) £58.00
    • Chicken and sweetcorn soup or prawn crackers, spare ribs with peking sauce, spring rolls and prawn toast, fried chicken with plum chilli sauce, sliced fillet steak with ginger and spring onions, stir fry sliced pork with celery, fried lamb with leek, egg fried rice and coffee or Chinese tea.
  • Salt & Pepper Squid £6.80
  • Kung Po King Prawn £8.60
  • Crispy Spring Rolls £3.80
  • King Prawn Chow Mein £9.00
  • King Prawn Fried Rice £8.50
  • Fried Sliced Duck with Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce £8.00
  • Fried Chicken with Broccoli £7.20
  • Ham Cheese and Pickle Sandwich
    • This British culinary classic has stood the test of time, and we're not surprised in the slightest. With the perfect combination of sweet, salty, tangy and tasty - the Ham, Cheese and Pickle sandwich, makes it debut to our Summer menu.
  • Spicy BBQ Chicken Bites
    • BBQ flavour coated chicken breast pieces.
  • Free Range Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich
    • Egg mayonnaise and slices of free range egg with just a pinch of black pepper. Sandwiched in our own soft malted brown bread, it’s a delicious blast from the past.
  • Tomato Soup GF
  • Classic Sandwich Platter
    • comes with: Chicken Salad, Tuna Mayonnaise & Cucumber, Egg Mayonnaise, Cheese and Onion and Ham Salad.
  • Milk Chocolate Ring Doughnut
    • A ring doughnut topped with milk chocolate flavour icing and finished with chocolate flavour spin
  • Pink Jammie
    • Pretty in pink, this delicious ball doughnuts is filled with apple and raspberry jam and topped with pink decorative icing.
  • Steak and Cheese Roll
    • A puff pastry roll filled with shredded beef and Blue Stilton® crumb in a rich gravy.

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