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Chicos Pizza in Skipton has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as 7 Pigs in Blankets or Southern Fried Chicken Goujons from Greggs Plc. Wildwood Kitchen offers many options including Presecco and Malbec. Wagamama includes a wide range like Hitachino Yuzu Ginger Non-Ale 0.3% or Cloudy Lemonade (Large). Pepsi 330ml and Appletiser 275ml from . Cattlemen's Association offers Burger King and Mayonnaise.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Crispy Pancake Rolls (2pcs) £3.90
  • Fried Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts £4.20
  • King Prawn with Bamboo Shoot & Water Chestnuts £8.20
  • Mixed Starter (For 2 Persons) £7.80
    • Spare ribs, vegetable spring rolls, prawn on toast, crispy wan ton and sweet & sour sauce.
  • Vegetable Fried Rice £6.00
  • Chicken Nuggets £2.30
  • Mushroom Fu Yung £6.30
  • Chicken & Mushroom Pie £2.90
  • Fried Egg Bap £3.95
    • 2 Fried Eggs served in a lightly toasted Bap.
  • Cheese and Tomato £5.95
  • Sandwiches Served on Freshly Baked Baguettes (Bacon and Egg Mayo) £6.50
  • Chicken and Bacon £8.50
  • BBQ Chicken Melt £8.95
    • Breast of chicken char grilled topped with smoked bacon and melted cheese served with chips and BBQ sauce. Strips of chicken carved from spit, seasoned with Lebanese spices, served with rice and also, yoghurt and cumber sauce.
  • Chicken Burger £10.95
    • A whole char grilled breast of chicken.
  • Cheese and Beans (v) £5.50
  • Bacon Bap £4.50
    • 3 slices of smoked grilled back bacon served in a lightly toasted bun.
  • Ham Cheese and Pickle Sandwich
    • This British culinary classic has stood the test of time, and we're not surprised in the slightest. With the perfect combination of sweet, salty, tangy and tasty - the Ham, Cheese and Pickle sandwich, makes it debut to our Summer menu.
  • Yum Yum
  • Fruit Medley
    • Fruit medley - a tasty mixture of melon, kiwi, apple and red grapes.
  • Chicken Bake
    • Made with chicken breast pieces in a rich and creamy white sauce, these savoury bakes are wrapped in golden puff pastry –
  • Belgian Chocolate Chunks Shortbread Biscuits
    • All butter shortbread biscuits with Belgian milk chocolate chunks are coated with Belgian milk and white chocolate.
  • Chicken and Bacon Pasta
    • A delicious cooked pasta, packed with tasty sweetcorn in a chive mayonnaise style dressing. Topped with barbecue flavour chicken and smoked bacon pieces.
  • Christmas Tree Biscuit
    • Ginger biscuit covered with chocolate coating and decorated with sugar sprinkles and a sugar paste star
  • Cinnamon Bun
    • A soft, sweet cinnamon flavour bun filled with juicy Sultanas. Topped with cream cheese flavour icing and dusted with ground cinnamon, it tastes just as good as it looks!
  • Fungi £8.00
    • Mushrooms
  • Meal Deal 8 £15.00
    • 2x quarter pounder cheese burger and chips, 2x chicken nuggets (6), chips and a bottle of Coca Cola.
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken £8.00
  • Deep South Chicken £9.00
    • Barbecued chicken pieces.
  • Chips in a Bun £2.50
  • Donner Panini £5.00
  • Kebab in a Bun £4.00
  • Sicilian £9.00
    • Anchovies, capers, olives, tomatoes and garlic.
  • Marga-cheetah £7.50
    • vegan mozzarella, basil and tomato base.
  • Vegan Bacon & Vegan Cheese £11.00
    • Beetroot, coriander & mint burger with vegan Gouda cheese and seitan pepperoni. In a brioche bun with lettuce and tomato.
  • Fried Seitan wrap £7.50
    • With BBQ sauce, lettuce and tomato in a soft tortilla
  • The Mother Clucker £12.50
    • Two beef patties with cheese, stacked with corn battered chicken, streaky bacon, sweet potato fries, chorizo ketchup, sour cream and crispy fried onions in a seeded brioche bun. Served with skinny fries.
  • Sri Lankan Chicken Curry £9.50
    • Chicken in a creamy coconut and tomato sauce with chilli, lemongrass and coriander. Served with white rice.
  • Sticky Asian Duck £11.00
    • Shredded duck, cucumber, coriander, spring onions and mozzarella on a sticky asian glaze base.
  • BBQ Sauce £1.00
  • Plain £9.00
    • Beetroot, coriander & mint burger, in a brioche bun with lettuce and tomato.
  • Cantonese Fruity Sauce £4.80
  • Satay King Prawns on Skewers (4) £5.50
  • Chicken and Mushroom Soup £2.80
  • Sausage £4.50
    • Served with peas and gravy.
  • Sirloin Steak £7.80
    • Served with onions, mushrooms and peas.
  • Chicken Curry Samosas (4) £3.10
  • Thai Green Curry £4.50
    • Spicy.
  • Set Meal for 4 £35.00
    • Mini spring rolls (4), quarter crispy aromatic duck, kung po special, beef in black bean sauce, chicken with broccoli, Cantonese sweet and sour king prawns, yeung chow fried rice (4), prawn crackers.

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