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Bombay Joes in Coventry has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Egg Fried Rice, Chips & Sauce or Chips & Sauce in Tray from Meifun Tang. Oregano offers many options including Diet Pepsi and 7-up. Metro Bar and Grill includes a wide range like Grilled Pollock pea puree, tartare sauce & handcut chips or SEAFOOD. Prosecco and Chianti from . Ronnie's Wood-Fired Pizza offers Saba Restaurant and Mayonnaise.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Marinated Olives £2.95
  • Bread and Butter Pudding with Custard £5.50
  • Lamb Cutlets with a redcurrant and port wine jus with black cherries £17.50
  • Traditional Fruit Crumble £5.50
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding with custard £5.50
  • Cappuccino £2.45
  • The Trawler man's Gumbo Pot duo of fish and shellfish served with a South American hot spicy tomato sauce £15.95
  • Mussels Greek - Ouzo & Cream Sauce -
  • FISH MASSALA Fresh water fish from the Sylhet district in Bangladesh cooked in a selection of traditional herbs and spices and then cooked in a thick pulped onion sauce with tomatoes and fresh chillie £8.95
  • CHICKEN OR LAMB ACHARI Tender pieces of lamb or chicken are cooked in a with a blend of aromatic spices, onions and herbs and the achari taste is created by the addition of a pickles. Highly recommend £7.50
  • STUFFED PEPPERS Oven baked peppers stuffed with lightly spiced pan fried vegetables. £3.10
  • SAMOSA The celebrated triangular shaped deep-pastries filled with spicy vegetables or lamb garnished with a fresh crispy salad and a wedge of lemon. Meat £2.75 - Vegetable £2.50
  • ONION NAN £2.00
  • Banoffee Pie (V) £6.25
    • A biscuit base, topped with rich toffee, & fresh caramelised bananas.
  • 50 Day Aged Black Angus Bistro Rump 8oz £16.95
    • Taken from the centre of the rump to combine great tenderness with full flavour. Recommended medium.
  • Belgian Chocolate Brownie £5.95
    • Belgian Chocolate brownie with rich Belgian chocolate sauce & a dark chocolate & pistachio shard.
  • Mixed Salad (V)(VE) £3.50
  • Blackcurrant Mousse Tart (V)(VE) £6.50
    • Served with fresh berries.
  • Hand Battered Cod £12.95
    • Served with seasoned fries, tartare sauce & minted crushed peas.
  • Smoky Barbecue Ribs - Half £12.50
    • Succulent pork ribs with a Smoky barbecue glaze, served with seasoned fries & slaw.
  • Scotch Bonnet Burger £12.95
    • Topped with Scotch Bonnet chilli salsa, jalapeños, smoked streaky bacon, spiced rum barbecue sauce & Monterey Jack cheese.
  • Chips £1.50
  • Tandoori Butter Chicken Tandoori Chicken cooked with mild spices, cream and a touch of butter £7.00
  • Chappati £0.90
  • Chicken Tikka Bhuna Chicken Tikka pieces cooked in a special blend of fresh herbs and spices served in a medium sauce £6.50
  • Sheekh Kebab Minced lamb seasoned with fresh chillies, herbs and spices cooked in the tandoor Starter: £2.75 Main: £5.50
  • Chutney Mint Sauce, Onion Chutney, Sweet Mango Chutney, Tamarind Sauce and Mixed Pickle £0.30 each
  • Matar Paneer Peas and cottage cheese £3.50
  • Coconut Lagoon £2.95
  • The Big Cheese £8.00
    • Stacked with a juicy beef patty, double Monterey Jack cheese, gooey mozzarella sticks, warm cheese sauce, gherkins, sliced tomatoes and a dollop of burger sauce, all packed into a soft glazed bun
  • Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime £4.90
    • 500ml Bt 4.0%
  • Arizona Peach Iced Tea £3.50
    • 500ml Bt
  • Smoky Beet £6.00
    • Stacked with a sweet beetroot patty, smoky hickory BBQ sauce, fried onions, crunchy lettuce, gherkins and a dollop of vegan mayo, all packed into a soft glazed bun (V)
  • Diet Coke £1.50
    • 330ml Can
  • Soda Folk Cream Soda £2.90
    • 330ml Can
  • Classic £5.00
    • Stacked with a juicy beef patty, sliced tomatoes, crunchy lettuce and a dollop of burger sauce, all packed into a soft glazed bun. A classic every time
  • Strawberry Lemonade £2.50
    • 500ml Bottle
  • Raspberry Jam Roly Poly - A well known classic. £3.79
  • Honey & Mustard Glazed Gammon £5.99
  • Baked Beans £3.99
  • Cheesy Garlic Baguette - Our garlic baguette topped with melted cheese. £1.89
  • Nut Roast Wellington - Sweet potatoes, grated carrots and parsnips spiced with paprika and sage, then mixed with crushed walnuts, cashew nuts and butter beans and wrapped in a puff pastry jacket. £5.99
  • Salmon Fillet £8.29
  • Chocolate Sponge Pudding - A moist chocolate sponge pudding. £7.99
  • Succulent British Turkey £5.99

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277 Walsgrave Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV24BA ,

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