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Rasa Malaysia Boleh Restaurant Malaysian, Asian

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All Bar One Restaurant and Bar (sample menu)
+ roasted chicken and giant prawn cracker £3.00
CHICKEN QUESADILLA Chargrilled tortilla ?lled with chicken, red pepper and mozzarella cheese. served with a salsa dip and fries or salad £6.50
-- -
BACON SANDWICHES (For 10 people) served on multi-seeded bread £30.00
LEMON BREADED CHICKEN & FRIES lemon, mustard & parsley breaded chicken with fries and a pea shoot & fennel salad £10.50
HOUMOUS TRIO WITH SUPREMO BOCATA BREAD (v) traditional, tomato & olive and Chermoula houmous £5.00
HOMEMADE NACHOS (v) With Monterey jack cheese, sour cream, guacamole, jalapeños, tomato salsa / + BBQ pulled pork and pineapple salsa £2.00 £8.50
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Popular Menu Items
Image Name Description Cuisines
Popular Menu Item Onion Bhaji Onion Bhaji One of the most popular starter or side dishes in Indian restaurants in the UK. Shredded onion is mixed with herbs, spices and flour then deep fried in either flat rosti style cakes, or round balls. Usually served with shredded lettuce, onion, cucumber and tomato and a tray of dips, including cucumber raita, mango and red hot lime pickle. Indian, Asian
Popular Menu Item Dosai Dosai Originating from the Malaysian pensinsular, dosai is a fermented pancake or crepe which has been adopted from Indian cuisine due to the variety of ethnic influences. Made from rice flour and ground spices and flavoured with fennel to give an aniseed flavour, and cooked on a hot griddle that has been brushed with ghee (clarified butter). It can also be served with cheese, chillis and onions or stuffed with vegetables and green chilli. Often accompanies curries in restaurants. Can also be called Chatamari. Malaysian
Popular Menu Item Stir Fry Noodles with Pork Stir Fry Noodles with Pork Called ‘Tok Tok Mee’, noodles and pork are very popular in Malaysia, with a Chinese influence to the dish. The pork is marinated in spices such as star anise and garlic and usually oven cooked in a large piece and then thinly sliced and served with fried with noodles chilli and garlic. A hot chilli dip with often accompany the dish, or extra soy and garlic dip. Malaysian
Popular Menu Item Satays Satays Satays and peanut sauce are served in every Malaysian restaurant, and also the street carts along the river banks in the UK. Can be pork, beef or chicken. The meat is marinated and grilled and served with a spicy peanut dip or sometimes the peanut sauce is poured over the satays before serving. Normally served on bamboo skewers, but very traditional restaurants serve the pork satays on the actual grilled rib of the pork. Shredded chillis are often scattered over the satays so beware! Malaysian
Popular Menu Item Rendang Rendang Traditional Malaysian dish, served throughout the peninsular and most popularly served with beef, that has been slow cooked with lemongrass which makes it very rich and satisfying. Served as a festival dish in Malaysia, it has a curry taste similar to those served in Thailand. Chicken Rendang is also popular, but look for Rendang Daging, which is the beef version. Served with a poppadum style crisp and sliced fruit such as mango. Malaysian
Popular Menu Item Shaved Ice Shaved Ice Malaysian shaved ice is a popular dessert, coming in all kinds of fruit flavours, such as water melon, mango and strawberry. It resembles a sorbet, but it much more ‘icy’ and aimed as a cooling effect either due to hot weather or purely to clean the palate after a spicy Malaysian dish. Malaysian
Popular Menu Item Prawn Puri Prawn Puri This is a curry house classic where small prawns are cooked with a relatively hot sauce including chillis, ginger, curry paste, onions and to lighten it, a little cream. The ‘Puri’ is the chapatti style flat bread, and the dish is served with the prawn mix on top of the bread. Indian, Asian
Popular Menu Item Spicy Papaya Salad Spicy Papaya Salad Known as ‘Som Tam’ this dish originates in the North East of Thailand but its popularity has spread all over the world. Served in both restaurants and from street carts in the UK, it is a sweet, sour and spicy with firm green papaya shredded and combined with chicken and sticky rice. The heat can vary in this dish, so do ask the level of spicing. Thai, Asian
Popular Menu Item Satays Satays Satays are found in every restaurant in the UK from Asian influences. An assorted platter of chicken, pork and beef satays along with prawn skewers are often served as a starter, or as part of an even bigger platter of mixed starters, situated in the centre of the table for everyone to share. The satays will have a variety of spices and flavours in which they are marinated, and are served with a peanut sauce. Singapore, Asian
Popular Menu Item Asian Ribs Asian Ribs Often party of a large platter of mixed starters, Asian Ribs are served two ways. Pork ribs are coated in a seasoned salt, or in a rub of honey, garlic and soy, very much like a barbecue sauce. Also called spare ribs in the UK, they are a very popular starter dish. Singapore, Asian
Popular Menu Item Laksa Laksa Laksa can be served as a variety of meats and fish, but prawn laksa is probably the most popular. It is served as two different versions, one a sweet coconut curry base, and the other a hot and sour base, more frequently used with fish. Laksa noodles are normally used, but thin vermicelli style noodles can also be served. Essentially, it is a noodle soup, with the varieties of ingredients according to how you want your dish served. Again, this dish is a combination of Malaysian and Chinese influences. Bean curd, sambal paste and sometimes chopped coriander may also be used to flavour the dish. Malaysian
Popular Menu Item Chow Mein Chow Mein Chow Mein, a noodle based dish is eaten throughout the Asian continent, particularly in China, Malaysia and Singapore. Chicken Chow Mein is the most popular, consisting of poached and aromatic tender chicken and thin noodles, which are pan fried with star anise and a little garlic. Other versions include peppers, onions, bean sprouts and also Chinese cabbage to make it a complete dish in one bowl. Prevalent on menus in the UK, nearly every restaurant will sell chow mein, whether with chicken, beef or prawns. Chinese, Malaysian, Singapore
Popular Menu Item Wan Fu Wan Fu An inexpensive light white wine, similar to Sauvignon Blanc, served in Chinese and other South East Asian restaurants. Not very ‘grapey’, more ‘citrussy’ - refreshing to drink with a medium curry and often served as a spritzer with lots of ice. Chinese, Asian
Popular Menu Item Mango Lassi Mango Lassi Served in all Asian restaurants, it is probably their ‘signature smoothie’ type of drink. Fresh mangoes with yoghurt and light spices poured over ice – absolutely delicious and refreshing to the palate and takes away any heat from spicy food still burning your tongue! Asian
Popular Menu Item Jasmine Tea Jasmine Tea Famous Chinese tea brew, deeply aromatic and usually served at the end of a meal with great ceremony. Always served with a teapot and cup, often on a bamboo mat. The unique flavour and aroma is caused by the jasmine blossom fragrance being absorbed into the tea during growth. Subtlely sweet, is is renowned throughout the world. Chinese, Asian
Popular Menu Item Thai Papaya Smash Thai Papaya Smash A wonderful cocktail mainly served in the medium to larger restaurants. Made with fresh papaya, orange and a shot of tequila and dash of freshly squeezed lime it has both a bitter and sweet taste. The addition of agave nectar brings more sweetness, but sometimes you have to ask for it. Thai, Asian
Popular Menu Item Lemongrass Soda Lemongrass Soda Very refreshing drink made with lemon grass syrup and mixed with soda or sparkling water, garnished with lemon slices and served over ice. It is a speciality of Thai restaurants in most major cities in the UK. Sometimes garnished with Thai basil to give a more herby taste. Thai, Asian
Popular Menu Item Gin Sling Gin Sling A popular cocktail served with gin, vermouth, bitters, fruit syrup and soda and a slice of lemon and cocktail cherry. Available in almost all Malaysian restaurants, and usually the house cocktail. Malaysian
Popular Menu Item Frothy Coffee Frothy Coffee Frothy coffee is popular with the inhabitants in Malaysia, and forms part of their daily breakfast along with roti canai, which is their version of bread. The coffee tends to be very sweet and milky (sometimes served with coconut milk). If you want normal coffee in a Malaysian restaurant, ensure that you ask for it, as Malaysian coffee on the menu will almost undoubtedly mean the frothy kind! Malaysian

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Takeaway Food
Counter Service
4 Myrtle Parade, Liverpool, Merseyside, L77EL ,
Dine in, Takeaway, Cash
Malaysian, Asian

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